Backup System


Update ITS backup system

Requesting Department
Info Tech Services Dir Office

Primary Customers
All users of ITS systems

Alex Hampel
David Peters
Joel Wilhite
Mark Hendricks

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

10/30/12: The documentation has been completed, and the archive schedule presented to the ITS management team. This project is now closed.

09/24/12: More archive storage has been added, and the documentation and archiving schedules are being finalized.

08/22/12:  Creating initial archives to size and schedule archive processes. These will be reviewed and approved by ITS management and published to the campus before closing the project.

08/06/12: Campus systems are now switched over to new backup product, and the last Retrospect tape set has been created. Now working to add network capacity to support traffic generated by backup system.

06/26/12:  New backup system currently running in parallel with existing system while campus servers are transitioned over.

05/22/12: New backup equipment is being racked this week. The old and new systems will be run in parallel through the summer, allowing us to cut the servers over in stages, ensuring a trouble-free transition.  

04/24/12:  New product purchased. Installation and cutover plan in progress

03/27/12: Initial requests for pricing have been released to qualified vendors.

02/29/12: Requirements finalized, ITS working with procurement on purchasing process. 

01/30/12: Continuing vendor demos and refining RFQ requirements. Targeting 1st week of February to issue RFQ.

12/13/11:  Requirements have been defined and initial dicussions with vendors about options have started. The price range of initial offerings makes it likely that this will need to move forward as an RFQ (Request for Quote).

10/24/11:  Team membership finalized. Initial research is proceeding in parallel with organizational efforts. Official kickoff meeting has been scheduled.

09/27/11: Goals and deliverables approved. Finalizing project team membership for kickoff meeting.

09/08/11:  Finalizing high-level goals and deliverables for the project

Project Documents
09-01-11 to 09-14-12

Project Documents

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