Campus Emergency Notification Solution


Implement the Rave Alert emergency notification system, to be known as "HSU Alert" to notify students, faculty & staff of emergency conditions on or affecting the HSU campus. Notifications will be sent via email to all current students, faculty & staff, who will also be able to register their cell phone numbers to receive text messages about emergency conditions.  Emergency text messaging numbers can be entered or updated via the myHumboldt campus portal.

Requesting Department
UPD Emergency Mgmt

Primary Customers
University Police Department
Office of Risk Management & Safety
Campus Community

Jan Marnell
Lynne Soderberg
Mike Burghart
Tawny Fleming
Josh Callahan
Gary Noar
Melinda Haynes Swank
Pat Bitton
Simon Chabel
Jarad Petroske

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

4/24/14: The final check-in and transition to operations meeting has been completed. The documentation and outstanding tasks list has been turned over to Mike Burghart, Lynne Soderberg, and Tawny Fleming for action, and the project has been closed. 

4/18/14: The final check-in and After Action meeting is scheduled for 4/24, at which time any remaining tasks related to business process guides, system operations, and future plans for increasing participation will be transitioned to Risk Management. 

3/26/14: The HSU Alert system and associated myHumboldt pagelets and pop-up messages all went live on schedule. Communications continued to encourage registration in the HSU Alert text messaging notification system in advance of the 3/26/14 campus-wide emergency test. Since going live, the number of registered text message numbers has increased by 1,367 participants to a total of 4,649 notifications as part of the campus-wide emergency test on 3/26. Conversations are ongoing about how to continue to grow this membership. The project is on schedule and will soon be closed as it becomes part of regular operations. 

2/24/14: Contracts were finalized in December 2013, and we began implementation in January 2014. Existing text messaging numbers will be converted from Account Center to PeopleSoft and accessible through myHumboldt self service beginning 3/3/14. New myHumboldt pagelets have been created, along with pop-up messages that will require all current students, faculty & staff to update, enter or opt-out of emergency notifications at the beginning of each semester. Communications about the new HSU Alert service will begin 2/26/14 and will continue throughout the month of March. The project is on schedule. 

Project Documents
12-02-13 to 03-31-14

Project Documents

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