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To ensure ongoing efficient phone system operation across the entire campus, as well as maintenance, support, and security, HSU must upgrade our Ericsson phone switch by April 2015. In addition to these benefits, a switch upgrade will also position HSU to be able to host its own Voice over IP (VoIP) circuits in the future, which will increase flexibility for mobile users and reduce costs for remote facilities.

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Telecommunications Services

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Lisa Lewis
Lorrie Marsh
Gary Peters
Rick Garcia
Billie Herman
Josh Callahan

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Status Update

7/27/2016: LIM 2 is complete and the team is working on LIM 1, which is on schedule to complete 8/19/2016 and will bring the number of lines cut over to the new switch to 2175 - 99% complete. LIM 12 at the Trinidad Marine Lab is the last LIM; those lines will be replaced with VOIP phones. A meeting is set for 8/5/2016 to schedule the remaining tasks to bring this project to closure.

6/30/2016: LIM 3 cutovers are complete and the team is working on LIM 2, which is on schedule for completion by 7/8/2016. At that time, the team will have cut over 1979 phone lines (86% complete). Preparation for the next phase will start on 7/11/2016.

5/25/2016: The team is finishing the LIM 3 cutovers, which brings the number of phone lines cut over to the new switch to 1807 (81% complete). Next on the list is LIM 2; cutovers are scheduled to begin 6/6/2016.

4/26/2016: The team is working on LIM 3 cutovers and expects to complete this phase on 5/24/2016. The telephony server upgrade discussion took place on 4/18/2016. The next step is to begin developing a high-level timeline and task list for the telephony server upgrade project.

3/30/2016: The LIM 4 cutovers are complete, bringing the number of phone lines cut over to the new switch to 1594 (71% complete). The team is now working on labeling, cabling, and verifying for LIMs 3, 2, and 1 in preparation for those cutovers. Telephony Server upgrade discussions with the vendor are scheduled for 4/18/2016.

2/23/2016: The LIM 5 cutovers are complete, bringing the number of phone lines cut over to the new switch to 1434, or 65%. The team is now working on LIM 4. Telephony Server upgrade discussions are set to resume on 4/11/2016, when TSE consultant Lasse will be on campus.

1/27/2016: The project is on track - the team is currently completing LIM 5.   

12/15/2015: LIM 6 cutovers are complete; as of now, 60% of campus phone lines have been cut over to the new switch for a total of 1234 lines. The team will commence working on LIM 5 cutovers on 1/12/2015. Preliminary planning for the Telephony Server (TSE) upgrade has taken place, at which the team discussed strategy and the action items that need to be completed before the upgrade.

11/9/2015: LIM 13 cutovers are complete and LIM 6 cutovers are now in process. To date, 52% of campus phone lines have been cut over to the new switch for a total of 1071 lines. The estimated completion date for cutovers had been moved out to 8/31/2016 after the July 2015 switch issues, but the team has now been able to move this forward to 8/19/2016.

10/14/2015: All switch problems from July have been resolved. With the move to Siemens Hall, LIM 8 is now complete and LIM 13 cutovers are in process. The project end date has been moved out to August 2016.

8/27/2015: The PBX team continues to work on switch system problems, so cutover work remains on hold. The team will meet to reset the project timeline within the next few weeks.

7/29/2015: The PBX switch encountered a problem, resulting in some phone outages on campus, which was related to the removal of LIMs from the system that had been completely cut over to the new switch. The problem can be resolved by reloading data from another PBX switch system that is also configured for 16 LIMs; once the team has located such a system, they will switch from cut overs to reloading, which will delay upcoming cutover work.

With the completion of LIM 11 this week, the number of lines cut over now stands at 899, or about 37% complete. Work will commence on the next LIM, 13, on 8/11/15, once the clean-up work for LIM 11 is complete. Project status has been moved from Could be Late to Behind. 

6/24/2015: LIM 10 is now complete, bringing the number of cutover lines to 735, or about 35%, and is now working on decomissioning LIM 10 in order to focus on infrastructure in preparation for LIM 11 cutovers, scheduled to begin 7/7/15. The team worked at 60 cutovers/week for the month of June and felt that was an acceptable pace; however, we have decided to revert to 40/week in July until the capacity and priority of this project within the spectrum of demands on TNS resources can be determined. 

5/29/2015: Preparation work for LIMs 10, 11, and 13 is wrapping up. The team reports not all preparations will be complete prior to resuming cutovers, but the outstanding work will not prevent cutovers from moving forward; it will be completed between the upcoming round of cutover days or during the infrastructure work to prepare other LIMs for cutovers. 

Cutovers for LIMs 10, 13, and 11 are scheduled to resume on 6/2/15, and the rate of cutovers will be increased from 40 to 60 per week. Periodic reviews will determine whether this is a sustainable rate and adjust accordingly.

4/30/15: The preparation work for LIMs 10, 11, and 13 continues; the addition of the Diavox resource was helpful in speeding up this work. The team estimates this work will be finished by the beginning of June so cutovers can be resumed. A further day of cutovers has been added to the current schedule, which will increase the rate of lines cut over to the new switch from 40 per week to 60 per week.

3/26/15: Not all work has been completed as originally thought, so additional resources are being added starting 4/20/15 and the rate is being increased from 40 to 60 lines per week to maintain the shortest schedule possible. Daily check-ins have been initiated to help keep the project on track. The next step is to assess the possibility of schedule acceleration during the summer months and put in place draft plan and budget placeholders.


  • LIM 8 migration is near completion - a total of 514 phone lines will have been migrated at completion
  • Resource expansion has stalled, so Josh is working on bringing the vendor on site to assist with cutovers
  • The project status has been set to yellow because of the resource issues
  • TNS workload has been rearranged to remove confusion over competing priorities
  • LIMs 10 and 11 have no impact on the Call Center's workload, so no extra resources are required for that group


  • LIMs 9 and 14 have been migrated to the new PBX switch for a total of 315 phone lines.
  • LIM 8 migration is in progress for approximately 209 phone lines
  • The timeline has been revised to reflect additional resources that will enable the project to be completed by late 2015
  • The budget has been revised to reflect the cost of those additional resources
  • Logistics for funding and securing additional resources are under discussion

12/15/14: The vendor, Diavox, was on site 12/6/14 and all work to position LIMs 7, 8, 10, and 11 for cut overs will be completed by12/15/14. Funds are in place to carry the project into 2015; additonal funds are being pursued to ensure resources are available to meet the scheduled completion date of 7/31/15. Enterprise Change Control is still TBD.


10/30/14: All phone lines for LIM 9 will have been cut over to the upgraded switch by 10/31/2014. The next phase of the upgrade will proceed as follows:

  • Work to position LIMs 7, 8, 10, and 11 has been defined and mapped out and is expected to be complete by 12/15/14. The vendor, Diavox, will be on site 12/5/14 to participate in the test and load exercises
  • The project timeline has been revised to reflect an earlier end date, thanks to additonal resources becoming available
  • Funds are in place to carry the project into 2015; additonal funds are being pursued
  • Enterprise Change Control is still TBD but is expected to be in process or completed by the end of November 2014

9/25/2014: The dry run was a success, and we were able to establish time estimates for the main sections of migration day work - programming, installation, and verification of changes and create a fairly complete draft timeline.The next phase is scheduled for 9/30/2014, when 20 lines will be migrated; once again, we will then re-group to check estimated times against actuals.

Next steps:

  • Discover, understand, and map out work required to prepare a LIM for migration
  • Refine project time line
  • Firm up funding/budget
  • Complete Enterprise Change Control process

8/27/2014: The Dry Run is scheduled for 9/15/2014. and will consist of migrating four desktop phones in TNS; this will enable the team to work through and define the migration process. The next step will be to migrate a limited number of "production-level" phones to flesh out the sizing and timeline for migrating the remainder of the affected phones/users. A formal plan will be created and entered into the Enterprise Change Control process.

TNS reports that sufficient equipment and parts are on hand to migrate 5 LIMs. The team still needs to determine what additional purchases are needed, if additional funding will be required, and when those purchases need to be initiated to keep the project on schedule.

7/30/2014: Initial planning efforts have resulted in breaking this project into 3 phases: 

  • Dry Run  - We will test out our migration processes by conducting a dry run using an already upgraded section of the switch. The Project Office team has graciously volunteered to be test subjects.
  • Pilot - Production migration with small group of users. Currently targeted to kick off week of 9/15/2014.
  • Full Migration - Based on Lessons Learned in the Dry Run and Pilot phases, a full migration plan will be devised and executed.

5/8/2014: This project has been approved and the purchase process for the upgrade switch will commence this month. Implementation is expected to be completed by March 2015. Funding support is still being finalized for this project.

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