Campus Portal - Evolution 2


By implementing the second evolution of the portal project, we will be able to provide HSU students with access to a full suite of customized services through a single web page. This will increase student success rates by improving campus communications and the delivery of targeted services that will enable students to better focus on learning.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Student Affairs-VP Office

Primary Customers
Admitted and enrolled students

Jesse Clark
Dale Sanford
Gary Noar
Ken Thrift
Alex Hampel
Melinda Haynes Swank
Robin Jones
Steve Ladwig
Clint Rebik
Peggy Metzger
Sandy Wieckowski
Glenda Rotherham
Matt Hodgson
Brendan Brisker
Holly Martel
Tom Mendenhall
Drew Meyer
Additional Functional Leads - TBD

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

2/11/13: Documentation has been completed. The refresh of the myHumboldt test instance will be completed outside Evolution 2 activities, and so this project is now closed. 

1/28/13: Evolution 2 went live on 1/11/13, with the exception of the myHousing StarRez single sign-on functionality which went into production on 1/24/13. The new student services appear to be being well received! Final documentation and refreshing of the myHumboldt test instance are expected to be complete by 2/1/13, when the project can be closed.     

12/19/12: The first round of acceptance testing is complete and remediation is underway, with the exception of the dynamic student pagelet which should be released for initial testing by 12/20. Drew Meyer in Housing is in the first round of testing the StarRez single sign-on functionality for access to Housing applications. Communications to announce the new functionality are in final draft. Move to production plans are in first draft stage and will be finalized on 1/7/13. The go-live date has been brought forward to 1/13/13 to accommodate the ITS production systems freeze windows at the start of Spring semester. The project remains on schedule.   

11/26/12: The communications and testing plans are complete. The initial build phase is expected to be complete by 11/30/12, with testing scheduled to begin the following week. The project is on schedule. 

10/26/12: The design phase is now complete and development is under way. At the Project Sponsor's request, the weather highlights pagelet has been removed from the project scope, and the design for the wellness information has been deferred to Evolution 3. The project is on schedule. 

9/25/12: Northridge hosted a demonstration of the use of their modifications, which has given the HSU teams insight into how we can incorporate similar functionality into myHumboldt. Design worksessions are under way, with the proviso that integration with Facebook is no longer in scope, as requested by the Project Sponsor. The task list has been completed and the project is on schedule.

8/17/12: The modifications for Evolution 2 have been received from CSUN: (1) Summarized student financial information, (2) MyChecklist functionality and (3) Class Schedule. A review session has been scheduled with Northridge for 9/6/12 and the project task list is in development.   

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled to start 8/1/12.

Project Documents
08-01-12 to 02-05-13

Project Documents

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