Campus Portal - Evolution 3


By implementing the third evolution of the portal project, we will continue to enhance the services available to HSU students, while also adding functionality and messaging for staff and faculty. This will continue to increase student success rates through personalized information about their academic progress, used and remaining financial aid eligibility, and the ability to create individualized graduation plans. Services for staff and faculty will include a variety of communication features, access to more single sign-on applications, and streamlined access to an array of campus resources.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Student Affairs-VP Office

Primary Customers
Applicant and Enrolled Students

Melinda Haynes Swank
Robin Jones
Frank Whitlatch
Gary Noar
Dale Sanford
Alex Hampel
Tom Mendenhall
Josh Callahan
Staff and Faculty Functional Leads - TBD
Student Functional Leads - TBD
Simon Chabel
Colleen Mullery
Dave Bugbee
Peg Blake
Jena' Burges
Anna Kircher
Bruce Tiffee
Matt Hodgson
Clint Rebik
Peggy Metzger
Jesse Clark

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

11/22/13: The project is now complete and has been closed. 

10/24/13: The final CSUN work session for System Builds was successfully concluded and the transition from CSUN support is now complete. Documentation of the changes for Evolution 3 is almost completed.   

9/20/13: The team is now wrapping up tasks related to documentation, as well as a few other outstanding issues. The final CSUN work session for System Builds has been scheduled; this will involve HSU building a new "demo" environment from scratch, with worksessions scheduled for 10/16 and 10/18 to review progress and resolve issues with the CSUN team. We are on schedule to complete the transition from CSUN support by the 10/31/13 contract end date. 

8/26/13: Evolution 3 in production as scheduled on 8/2/13 with positive feedback. All training for decentralized content and communications users has been completed, as has the After Action meeting with the project team. A few tasks, primarily related to documentation, remain to be completed. Planning is under way for the one remaining worksession ("System Builds") for the transition from CSUN-assisted support to self-support for portal administration; this is expected to be completed before the 10/31/13 official end of CSUN support. 

7/29/13: All development is complete and tested, including the first round of load testing to simulate system response under actual user conditions. On 7/30/13, the team will conduct a preliminary move-to-production test by moving the new functionality from the staging environment to the test environment, following the exact steps as will be used on 8/1/13 to move the functionality into production. Training for departmental pagelet content owners is nearly complete, and all content will be ready for go-live. The team completed the fourth portal administration work session with CSUN as well as a fifth work session in July to cover patches and updates. The project is on schedule for 8/2/13 go-live and for a 10/31/13 transition from CSUN-assisted support to self-support for the administration of the portal technical environment. 

6/24/13: We expect to complete the POC development and initial testing in the development (DVL) environment before the end of the month so that functionality can be moved to the staging (STG) environment for more extensive testing throughout July.

Student development, including the final changes to the About Me pagelet, is on schedule for completion this week. Drupal POC development and testing of remote student pagelet content updating has been successfully completed; Drupal testing of remote faculty/staff pagelet updating, as well as initial testing of faculty/staff functionality, will be completed shortly. User customization capabilities for the home tab are close to completion.

Training and communication plans have been finalized, and the fourth portal administration work session with CSUN, on PeopleTools and Application Upgrades, will be completed this week. The project is on schedule. 

5/28/13: Student proof of concept (POC) development should be completed by early June; we are making good progress with POC builds for faculty/staff designs. Several work sessions have been held to define the use of the PeopleSoft Portal-delivered "customization" functionality and how users will be able to customize much of the content for their "home" tabs. Drupal POC development is well under way; this will enable the campus to suggest content for communications and enable authorized users to create and publish content via Drupal to appear in department- and college-specific myHumboldt communication pagelets. The third portal administration transition work session was held in April with CSUN, and we are planning the next session. The project is on schedule. 

4/17/13: The initial designs for both Student and Faculty/Staff content have received positive feedback from the Vice Presidents, and Faculty/Staff designs have been reviewed by the HSU Internal Communications Work Group. Four work sessions to discuss core functionality have been completed by the project team, and documentation has been prepared on approaches identified for what will be delivered in Evolution 3 and what will need future development.  Work will now commence on building the proof of concept, the final step in the design phase. A second portal administration transition work session was held with CSUN, and a third is scheduled to take place before the end of April; additional sessions will take place on a monthly basis through September 2013. The project is on schedule. 

3/25/13: Initial Faculty/Staff designs were well-received by the myHumboldt Steering Committee; Simon Chabel and Frank Whitlatch will now present the designs to the HSU Internal Communications Work Group and the Vice Presidents for feedback. Designs for both Student and Faculty/Staff content have been presented to the Technical Project team and work sessions have been scheduled to evaluate the core functionality required to support the designs. The Steering Committee has started governance discussions, which will continue through April. The first work session has also been held with CSU Northridge to begin transitioning portal administration from CSUN to HSU, with the second session scheduled for April. The project is on schedule. 

2/21/13: Design planning continues for staff and faculty content, and an initial preview is planned for the myHumboldt Steering Committee on 3/15/13. The Steering Committee completed the prioritization of required core functionality and will begin discussions on the governance process in March. The project is on schedule.

1/28/13: Planning for staff and faculty content and communications is underway, led by Frank Whitlatch and Simon Chabel in MarCom. The myHumboldt Steering Committee is meeting to define required core functionality for the portal, as well as the governance process. 

12/5/12: Project approved and scheduled. 

Project Documents
01-14-13 to 10-31-13

Project Documents

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