Chemistry Stockroom Database


Implementing an online inventory of all chemicals that can be integrated with PeopleSoft and which can be scaled up to include all of CNRS will greatly increase interdepartmental efficiency over the current decades-old unsupported Macintosh Helix database. Current more stringent requirements for the documentation, use, storage and disposal of hazardous materials require that this information be easily available across campus in case of a natural or other disaster.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department

Primary Customers
Fisheries Museum
Marine Lab
Emergency Response Personnel

Melinda Haynes Swank

Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

10/10/12: This request has been withdrawn.  The need still exists but is being submitted as part of a new request (Resource Management and Training), sponsored by Steve Smith, to support multiple areas of CNRS and may also benefit other departments on campus. 

5/8/12: Solution definition needed before recommending approval. ITS will work with the project team to identify specific requirements for the resolution of this problem to help identify whether the project should be developed by HSU programming staff or if a third-party solution could be implemented. On completion of this analysis, the project will be evaluated for resubmission in a subsequent prioritization cycle or scheduled with available resources.

3/12/12: Resubmission with sponsorship letter

12/21/11: Project scored. Resource limitations prevented recommendation or scheduling at this time.  

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