Common Finance System 9.2/PeopleTools 8.5.3/Oracle 11g upgrades


In April 2013, the Chancellor's Office (CO) initiated a project to upgrade the following components of the PeopleSoft Finance system:

1. PeopleSoft Finance will be upgraded from 9.0 to 9.2, including retrofitting CO customizations. This is a major upgrade, as the CSU is behind with a lot of Oracle updates.

2. PeopleTools, the PeopleSoft development environment, will be upgraded from 8.48 to 8.5.3 and will involve changes to how users interact with the Finance application.

3. The Oracle database will be upgraded from 10g to 11g, primarily to enable the installation to remain under Oracle's support program.

The 2013-14 upgrade milestones are:

  • August - September: Campuses retrofit interfaces, queries and security
  • November-December: Online system-wide training; retrofits may continue during this time
  • January: Campuses test their systems
  • February: CO system fixing
  • March: Campuses undertake acceptance testing
  • April: System go-live

The Chancellor's Office Project SharePoint site can be found at:

Requesting Department
Financial Services - Director

Primary Customers
Financial Services

Mike Burghart
Cindy Hori
Carol Lorentzen
Ken Rocha
Jeff Stebbins
Tawny Fleming
Marisa D'Arpino
Teal Sexton
Melinda Haynes Swank

Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

9/16/13: This initiative is active, but will not require ongoing ITS project portfolio updates as the majority of the technical work will be undertaken by the Chancellor's Office. Its status as an ITS project has therefore been changed to "cancelled". Marisa D'Arpino in Administrative Affairs will coordinate the functional resources, and assistance will be provided by ITS technical resources for retrofitting queries and data warehouse tables as needed.

8/27/13: CMS has delivered the campus development and testing databases as well as a project plan template for campus use in assigning tasks and campus resources. The development and testing databases will be refreshed once all the baseline development is completed, expected to be sometime in October. Ken Rocha has compiled a list of current CFS queries, along with their frequency of use, to help in identifying those queries that will need to be retrofitted for use in the new version or which may be abandoned due to lack of use. 

7/29/13: Monthly teleconferences began 7/11/13 with an update from CMS on upgrade activities for which CMS will be responsible, as well as those that will be handled by individual campuses. Campuses are updating their contact list information and awaiting delivery of the campus development/testing databases, which are expected to be released during August. 

Project Documents
05-02-13 to 05-20-14

Project Documents

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