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Mandated by the Chancellor's Office, this project will move HSU's human resources to the CSU-wide Common Human Resources System (CHRS). Implementation will decrease the time and cost of individual campus customizations and increase efficiencies by automating interfaces from the common system to the State Controller's Office and the Chancellor's Office.

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Ken Thrift
Liz Villarreal
Alex Hampel
Peter Johnson
Josh Callahan
Marisa D'Arpino
Patty Ambrosini
Sue Peck
Dave Bugbee-Project Sponsor
Colleen Mullery-Project Sponsor
Steve Ladwig - PeopleSoft HCM Student Representative
Denise Giltzow
Melissa Koval
Sabre Stacey

Project status
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Status Update

8/22/2016: Design workshops are under way with representatives from each campus. The CHRS project team has requested that one person be named Campus Wave Selection coordinator for scheduling the wave dates for the various upgrades and the CS/HR split; Melinda Haynes Swank of the ITS PO will take on this role for HSU. The CS 9.2 upgrade is expected to roll out in five waves, beginning in April 2017; at this point, the wave schedules for the 9.2 upgrade, CS/HR split and PeopleTools upgrade are expected to be the same as for the CHRS migration. HSU's wave schedule decision is due by October 2016; this will be driven by student system downtime and testing schedules, so business units will need to identify peak performance times that should be avoided.

7/27/2016: The project team welcomed Tammy Hines from CMS Systemwide HR as the new CHRS Program HR Lead. Planning is now complete and the team is ready to engage with HR and academic personnel subject matter experts (SMEs) for the design of the new system through CHRS Solution Design Workshops. These workshops should be completed by December 2016.

The CMS technical team continues to plan for the overall split of the HR and CS systems, upgrade to the CS side and PeopleTools upgrade to 8.55.x. A revised timeline for these changes will be available in the fall, and wave conversations are scheduled to begin in late October or early November; whichever wave our campus chooses will be the same as for our CHRS migration.

6/29/2016: We were notified this week that Lori Lamb, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, will be stepping down from her position later this summer. This will leave a vacancy on the CHRS Executive team that must be filled in order for the project to move forward. We have no indication at this point that the CHRS timeline will be affected, but we will continue to watch for any changes and communicate them to the HSU campus. 

5/23/2016: CMS advises much of the preliminary planning for CHRS has been completed; next steps include working through the design and business process standardization. CMS is working with various campus groups, as well as technical and functional leads across the CSU, to move the program forward on schedule. Following the suspension of support for Campus Solutions 9.0, an Enterprise Information Systems project will run in parallel with CHRS to upgrade the student system to v9.2. Before this upgrade can happen, student data needs to be decoupled from HR data in each of the 23 campus systems. The HR system will remain at v9.0 until it is consolidated through planned activities for CHRS which includes developing the Higher Education Constituent Hub (HECH) that will sit between Campus Solutions and the HR system  to facilitate the exchange of basic identifcation data. This process is expected to complete by the end 2018. Resource requirements for each campus will be forthcoming, as well as the identifcation of a wave for our campus move.

4/25/2016: The Chancellor's Office has reconfigured the CMS Executive Committee and the various CSU PeopleSoft support groups, adding a new Enterprise Information and Systems Advisory Committee (EISAC) that is in turn supported by four steering committees (Student, Finance, HR, and Business Intelligence). Representatives from each steering committee will report to the advisory committee, which advises the Vice Chancellors over Finance & Business Services, Human Resources, and Academic & Student Services. HSU will be represented by Joyce Lopes, VP of Administration & Finance, on the Advisory Committee and by Colleen Mullery, Senior Associate Vice President of Faculty Affairs & HR, on the HR Steering Committee.

At the March EISAC briefing, the committee discussed dependencies related to the end of support for Campus Solutions (CS) 9.0 in December 2019 and recommendations for moving forward with the CHRS Project Findings Report. The option chosen involves initiating a separate project to split the CS/HCM database while performing the CS 9.2 upgrade in parallel; this would allow CHRS to maintain its original timeline and avoid end-of-support issues on CS 9.0.

4/28/15: The assessment report from Moran Technology Consulting is scheduled for delivery by the end of May. The report will include the results of their review of seven project components:

  • Project Structure
  • Governance
  • Financial Management
  • Project Methodology
  • Project Staffing
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Technology Readiness

After review by the executive sponsors, campuses will be apprised of next steps.  

3/12/15: The contract for the risk assessment has been awarded. The awarded vendor is Moran Technologies and we expect engagement soon with CMS. While we await notification of the start of the risk assessment, the CO team has disseminated technical bulletin # CMSHRSA 1005 2015 related to a new COMR exception request process for HR requests only. Forms associated with the new process have been added to the CMS website.

12/17/14: In early December, the Chancellor's Office project team sent out a bulletin covering the criteria for submitting exception requests during the CHRS Code Freeze. More information can be found on the CHRS project documents pagelet at

11/20/14: Campuses received an update from the Chancellor's Office project team advising the project is moving forward. To ensure proper governance, organization, and resourcing, the CO has begun working on an RFP for risk assessment consulting, to be completed in early Spring 2015. While the code freeze remains in place, defined criteria and a process for potentially granting exceptions are under development and will be communicated to campuses shortly. Continuing efforts include:

  • Agreement from CMS Executive Committee on the CMS central recommendation to upgrade HCM from 9.0 to 9.2, with training already in progress for CMS staff in the 9.2 sandbox instance,
  • Preparation for the HCM and student information system database split,
  • Work on technologies and processes required to consolidate individual campus HCM databases into the single CHRS database,
  • Build-out of the CHRS data warehouse, 
  • Campus HR personnel development of standardized definitions for common HR data elements.



6/23/14: We continue to work on clean-up of duplicate EMPLIDs to ensure data accuracy as we await the completion of the assessment by the CHRS project team. We responded mid-June to a survey from the CHRS team soliciting functional "experts" from the campuses for certain PeopleSoft modules (Workforce Administration, Benefits, Recruiting, Time & Labor, Absence Management, Labor Cost Distribution, Faculty/Temp Faculty, Learning Management, and Grants & Contracts). Campus participants chosen for the task will be needed throughout the implementation to assist with the review of current design team documents. help guide design sessions for each module/business process, and identify/discuss design solutions to fit the requirements. Additionally, assistance will be required during testing, documentation of the desired business requirements, and documenting the system design to help technical analysts estimate the time required to complete the work.


4/17/2014: While we await completion of the assessment by the CO CHRS project team, the HSU project team is moving ahead with additional cleanup of recently identified duplicate EMPLIDS. The team will be updated as more information about the assessment is made available.

3/10/2014: We are placing the CHRS project on hold while the Chancellor's Office reassesses the timelines and resources needed to support the project moving forward. All open forum calls through June 2014 and Wave 1 activities have been suspended. Sub-projects under the CHRS project umbrella will continue as scheduled, including the latest HR duplicate EMPLID clean-up effort, which just wrapped up.

2/24/2014: During the CHRS open forum call on 2/13/14, all campuses were informed of a hold to allow the Wave 1 campus project sponsors and stakeholders to re-assess their "go live" dates. The In-Person Workshop scheduled for late March has been  canceled and will be rescheduled. The HSU team will meet in early March to identify any concerns, discuss the reassessment, and gather questions with regard to future activities and changes to submit to CMS. The next monthly open forum call will take place on 3/12/14.  Project dates will be updated as new information becomes available.

1/24/2014:  Clean-up of Job Data for Phase 2 has been completed, leading to a minor change in the Tax Location Code to default to "CA" and updates to Original Start Dates for some employee records. In December, we received information from the CO regarding Duplicate EMPLIDS for students and student workers that required analysis and possible clean-up. Work sessions were scheduled and that clean-up effort is making excellent progress toward the due date of 2/28/2014. Registration for the CHRS In-Person Workshop is complete and travel arrangements will be made by 1/31/2014.

11/22/13:  The November open forum call focused on Project FAQs, CHRS Data Warehouse and Job Data Clean-up for Phase 2 to be completed by January 31, 2014. We've received the final version of the HR Data Standards - Phase 2 document that discusses the HR requirements for CSU Job Data elements/fields and the conversion actions for each respective data element/field. The CO will issue a technical communications letter by 11/30/13 with additional detail on the requirements for the Phase 2 clean-up. The CHRS In-Person Workshops scheduled for March 24-26, 2014 are open for registration, and planning is in progress. The next open forum call, on 2/12/14, will discuss general project updates on the Wave 1 campuses.

10/29/13: Security, Provisioning and Data Management were discussed at the October open forum call, and the November call will cover Project FAQs. Open forum calls will not be held in December or January. 

09/19/13: HSU has been granted our preferred waves for both CHRS and the PeopleTools 8.5.3 upgrade. The CHRS upgrade will take place between March and November 2014, and the PeopleTools Upgrade will run October 2013 to January 2014. CHRS Liaisons are meeting with the Employment History Database (EHDB) Cleansing Committee through September to discuss HR requirements for the CSU job data elements/fields and proposed conversion considerations.

08/27/13: We are waiting to hear from the Chancellor's Office as to whether the wave 1 campus go-live date extension will impact subsequent wave schedules. If this change does impact the dates of our wave 2 selection, we may submit a request for a different wave. The schedule change will not affect the PeopleTools 8.5.3 upgrade. We expect to have more information regarding campus selections and possible schedule changes by the beginning of September. 

07/31/2013: The Chancellor's Office delivered wave scheduling packets to campuses mid-July and HSU has responded with CHRS and PeopleTools 8.5.3 wave preferences. Our CHRS upgrade preference is wave 2,  March 2014 – November 2014, and our PeopleTools Upgrade preference is wave 1, October 2013 – January 2014. Campus assignments are expected to be announced by the CO in August 2013.

06/24/13: The CO cancelled the June meeting, so it is anticipated that efforts expected to happen in June will now take place in July.

05/28/13:  We are awaiting the CO's request for HSU's preferred "wave", which we expect to receive in June, and the CO's subsequent confirmation of our wave. Depending on what we learn in June, we could start campus planning this summer.

04/18/13: The CO has identified its overall project schedule and will be soliciting campuses to determine their individual rollout dates, which are based on the CO's pre-set "waves". More detailed information is expected to be available in the next two months, at which time HSU will start its planning process.

03/20/13: The CO is expected to release updated and more detailed timelines within the next couple of weeks; once we have that information, we will begin our planning process. The CO is treating/tracking this project as an all-encompassing program and will track related projects (data clean up, HCM upgrade, CS/HR split, HR data warehouse) within that program. HSU's success will be heavily reliant on the availability of project team members; to that end, HSU management is being encouraged to start planning for this by, for example, hiring/training temporary workers, offloading other work from project team members, etc.

02/25/13: The design phase has begun, and more detailed information is expected in two to three months. The associated data clean-up project has released new scripts to identify bad data; more should be known after a CO call with systemwide campus liaisons on 3/5/13.

11/09/12: The CO has moved the Evaluation/Design completion date out from 11/29/12 to 12/18/12. The budget has been approved.

7/19/12: The Chancellor's Office (CO) held a project kick-off meeting this week and open forums will start next month. The system design should be completed by 11/12, by which time we will be in a better position to analyze the impact on HSU. The development and implementation (in whole or in part) of this project is subject to the CO's budget approval (date TBD). See the CO website ( for additional information.

6/25/12:  No new information in the CHRS Update released on 6/8/12. Campus activities still expected to start sometime in 2013 and possibly run through 2014.

5/8/12: Project approved and expected to start this month; the Chancellor’s Office is responsible for identifying the specific schedule for this project. The design phase is underway and will run through November 2012; until the detailed schedule and campus resource requirements are clear, we're unable to estimate required ITS resources  and thus a final schedule.

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