Conference & Event Planning Tool


We will identify and implement a comprehensive conference and event planning tool that incorporates room scheduling and the coordination of required resources and services in a single solution. This description will be updated once the scope, team, timeline, and goals have been determined.

Requesting Department
Student Affairs-VP Office

Primary Customers
Campus Community


Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

4/27/2016: Additional resources are needed to coordinate this centralization effort and to re-evaluate software needs. This will take additional time and, once completed, any additional technology or process support needed will be requested. For these reasons, the current project is being cancelled.

1/27/2016: This project is on hold until functional resources are confirmed.

12/15/2015: Changes in the Administrative Affairs project team has necessitated moving out the delivery date on this project to June 2016, and stakeholders are now assigning resources and scope of business processes for their team. Once this step is complete, ITS will assist with understanding the requirements for any new technology that aligns with new processes.

11/17/2015: The Administrative Affairs project lead continues to train on and explore the use of 25Live while capturing requirements for the desired solution. Transition plans for project leadership in that division are in process and the group will reconvene in December, once those plans are completed, to outline the next steps.

10/14/2015: The Administrative Affairs project lead continues to develop and train in the 25Live product. We are working with Administrative Affairs on next steps, given upcoming changes to resources in that area.

8/25/2015: The Administrative Affairs project lead continues to develop and train in the 25Live product. The communications plan is under review, given upcoming changes in project team resources.

7/29/2015: The communication plan has been developed and approved by the team for the purposes of communicating status and next steps to campus and specific groups. The team continues to discuss the timing of plan activation, with the goal of evaluating the current event booking software, 25Live, during the fall of 2015. 

6/22/2015: We met with sponsorship in June to discuss the proposed sequencing and timing of the project. The team agreed to the proposal in principle. We will continue to use the current software for the near term for event scheduling, while we evaluate its limits and determine if additional capabilities are needed between now and the end of the calendar year. We are developing a communication plan for campus covering the outcomes and the plan going forward; communications will begin over the summer. 

5/27/2015: We are continuing to build the case for a new, more centralized process for scheduling events across campus. A review session with sponsorship has been set for mid June to discuss potential process changes and updates on the needs of different groups. Clubs and activities' needs appear to exceed the scope of event management software and include the management of rosters, charters, and the like; pursuing a solution for this group will need to be assessed and prioritized separately.

4/29/2015: Sponsors and project drivers met on 4/13/15 to discuss timeline, next steps, and other items. The team will now work towards a full understanding of the potential software requirements and associated business needs and processes to support a "one-stop shop" event-scheduling structure. A second meeting took place, also on 4/13/15, with clubs and activities to discuss their needs and requirements. This session identified several processes that may require different solutions beyond event software, which are currently in review. Josh will continue to meet with campus stakeholders through the summer while builidng a business case for new processes.

3/25/2015: As a result of recent discussions related to the process improvement project for campus event and conference services, the sponsors have requested that we re-open the project and begin requirements gathering for software selection. Michael Burghart will help drive this initiative; other key personnel have been identified for input, although the full team composition still needs to be finalized. The timeline is still to be determined

3/10/2014: At Peg Blake's request, research into purchasing software is on hold until the applicable business processes have been evaluated. This will begin with initial discovery sessions for the "as is" process, followed by further evaluation, with assistance from an events planning consultant, to shape the "to be" process. Once this step is complete, the option to purchase software will be re-evaluated and project requests submitted as appropriate.

10/22/2013: This project has been approved by the President and VPs as an ITS priority for 2013-14.

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10-18-13 to 06-30-16

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