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Implementing the web-based Interactive Audit module following the new DARWin 4.0 upgrade will provide clarity to a student's standing in completing a degree at HSU. The module will provide both student and adviser with a graphical guide to the student's progress toward degree completion, including the ability to drill down to see missing/incomplete/complete subject requirements and run 'what-if' scenarios for possible changes in major.

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Status Update

06/24/13: The After Action review has taken place and this project is now closed.

05/28/13: Interactive Audit was rolled out before the end of the term and received positive feedback from both Transfer & Graduate Counselors (TGCs) and Faculty. Some add-on work that falls outside the scope of the project, but within  consulting services agreement will continue through June 2013. The After Action Review is being scheduled.

04/18/13:  Encoding and testing are completed. The Registrar is now working on the project communication strategy and messaging.

03/22/13: All degree programs are completed and selected Transfer Graduate Counselors and others are reviewing the content, how the solution behaves in different browsers (IE, FireFox, and Chrome), on different hardware platforms (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones), and with screen readers. The encoding of minors is in process. Go-live date has been moved from mid-April to April 29 to allow for completion of Fall 2013 Continuing Student registration.

02/25/13:  The service agreement has been fully executed.  Access has been granted to a limited number of users.The interactive audit design has been shared with faculty; minimal feedback has been received. The full rollout is still planned for mid-April 2013.

01/28/13: System access for consultant has been completed. The Service Agreement has been sent to HSU Procurement - now awaiting signature by Procurement and the vendor. Waiting on finalization of branding (skinning) from the team, as well as an estimate to complete the configuration for each program's Internal Audit report by the mid-April target.

12/13/12: Service Agreement has been executed and remote access consultant setup is in process. Continuing to work on IA report presentation in preparation for faculty input. Original mid-April (75 business days) rollout is not achievable with only one HSU encoding resource and 258 programs to encode. Considering a two-phased rollout approach, with first-time freshmen/first time transfers completed for HOP/HOOP in June and the rest delivered en masse before the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester.

11/26/12:  Awaiting service agreement. Will confirm list of tasks and mid-April roll-out date after the 12/4/12 project check-in meeting.

10/29/12: The project team is discussing different approaches for getting feedback on the branded report format, the services quote from the vendor, and the estimated time to complete the 150+ reports.

09/24/12: The software module has been  purchased, configured, and interfaced with PeopleSoft HCM in a test environment. Coding of the interactive audit for each of around 150 programs has started and a contract with the vendor for coding guidance and assistance will be forthcoming. Analysis and automation of certain coding tasks is in process.  All interactive audits will be delivered at the same time and the delivery date will be determined after the initial coding guidance/assistance, which is estimated to begin at the end of October 2012.

6/25/12:  Since the Registrar is separating from HSU at the end of June, the team met earlier than expected (06/20) to discuss timing and requirements.

  • Project requires functional consulting effort not mentioned in the project request. Team will revisit budget with the Project Sponsor.
  • This project has no impact on the Graduation Roadmap Nolij project since faculty will still not be allowed to update DARwin. Note: In order for students to better plan their graduation, HSU would need to start planning course schedules (entered in PeopleSoft and pushed to DARwin) at least one year (and preferably four years) in advance. Currently, the student could plan to take a course in a specific term with no guarantee that the course will be offered.
  • Team will discuss further once we know more about the DARS Upgrade project scheduled for this Summer.

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled to start 11/1/12. This project is dependent on completion of the DARS Upgrade and DARS Refining Prerequisite Checking projects. 

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