Data Center (Server Farm) LAN Re-zoning


The CSU ITRP2 Security project provided firewall systems to all campuses. Firewall security "zones" are used to enable firewall protection for systems located in the HSU Data Center. Firewalls are network devices that protect computers from unauthorized network traffic.

Requesting Department
Info Tech Services Dir Office

Primary Customers
Information Technology Services

Mark Hendricks
Rick Garcia
Alex Hampel
David Peters

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

01/18/12: Security zones have been completed, so this project can be considered closed.

12/12/11: Zone configuration has been scheduled by TNS for 12/21/11.

11/29/11: Final zone configurations have been started by TNS. The project is expected to be completed by 12/8/2011.

10/26/11: This project has been re-scoped and final tasks have been re-scheduled.

10/11/11: Work continues to create security zones. Project scope is being evaluated.

08/24/11: This project has been on temporary hold to avoid any potential disruption due to network and systems configuration freezes during the beginning of the academic year.

Project Documents
05-24-10 to 01-31-12

Project Documents

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