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Improve reporting capabilities for Finance and HR data in the Data Warehouse and integrate Student data into the Data Warehouse to better facilitate answering the full range of questions asked by OBI users. Develop a small cadre of OBI experts to support ad hoc executive information needs and a comprehensive training program for all functional OBI users across campus to develop their skills in using the tools and products in OBI.

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Status Update

12/21/12: The Student OBI system is in production, and we have completed the first round of training. Our next training session begins on 1/7/13. The primary goals of this project were to bring student data into the data warehouse, develop a small cadre of experts to respond to reporting needs, and create a training plan. These goals have been accomplished and the project is therefore now closed. Additional work on the data warehouse will be completed during Phase 2.

11/27/12: We will be training approximately 40 people (the OBI Elite Team) to create reports and dashboards in OBI. This training will allow more people across campus to access the data they need to answer questions as they arise. Training in analysis writing begins 12/3/12, followed by a session in January on dashboard creation and one in Februrary on agents. The Data Warehouse team continues to prepare the Student OBI system to go into production at the end of November.

10/30/12: We have completed validation for the basic registration and application data with IRP and have outlined the rules that apply to those two subject areas. We are putting together a training plan for those individuals who will be responsible for creating reports and dashboards in OBI. We expect to have the Student OBI in production for a limited range of users by 11/30/12.

9/24/12: We are working with IRP to plan for future development of the Student Data Warehouse. Presentations for the Vice Presidents are being prepared, and the CIO is working with the Vice Presidents to establish reporting roles and responsibilities for each area. We have received new hardware to enable us to prepare the system for production in the following areas: Admissions & Recruiting ("AppStats"); Student Financial Services - Award Disbursement; Student Records - Academic Plan Summary, Academic Program Detail, Class Enrollment, Term Enrollment; Institutional Research; Student Records Institution Summary, and Student Admissions Funnel.

8/27/12:  Presentations for the Vice Presidents are being prepared, and the CIO is working with the Vice Presidents to establish reporting roles and responsibilities for each area. We are awaiting the arrival of new hardware to enable us to ready the system for production.

8/6/12: We are finishing up data validation and preparing to go live in late September with the developed reports and dashboards. The CIO is meeting the the Vice Presidents later this month to discuss reporting roles and responsibilities.  

6/25/12: Key reports and dashboards are in development, including Census reports, Registration Statistics, and Graduation Retention. Enterprise Data Management team is working with constituent groups to validate student data.  Draft Roles & Responsiblities document has been created, and will be reviewed by the CIO with the Vice Presidents. 

5/22/12:  We continue to correct errors and validate data with various areas on campus. We are in the process of building reports covering student graduation rate and retention and are working with the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid to determine their reporting needs.

4/23/12: The initial EPM software installation has taken place and the data marts (preconfigured reports) are being prepared this week. Data from PeopleSoft  is being loaded into the EPM Student Data Warehouse, and we are working with other areas to coordinate validation of that data as well as the provided dashboards and reports. We continue to gather report needs and issues and are working on a plan to build reporting capacity. 

2/27/12: A consultant from AMP is on campus installing the enterprise process management (EPM) software that will provide pre-configured reporting and analysis tools. We are in the process of gathering existing data warehouse issues and formulating a project plan.

1/30/12: Project kick-off meeting has been scheduled, and planning is under way.

12/21/11: Project approved and scheduled.

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