Document Management & Integration (Nolij) for Distance & Extended Education


Implement Nolij to store and manage eLearning & Extended Education academic records to more efficiently process current and future increases in enrollment, especially with the campus' planned expansion of online courses. In addition to replacing the current process of scanning documents and storing them as PDF files on shared network drives, this project proposes integration with PeopleSoft for updating and communicating certain information used in conjunction with Student Finance and the Office of the Registrar, such as transcript requests and notices of payment. 

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
College of eLearning & Extended Education

Primary Customers
Distance & Extended Education staff and students

Josh Smith
Phil Rouse
Dale Sanford
Gary Noar
Ken Thrift
Carl Hansen
Teresa Georgopoulos
Alex Hwu

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

9/23/14: After consultation with campus leadership, Extended Ed, and Admissions, it has been decided that potential implementation of the Radius CRM system will be considered through the fall 2014 project prioritization cycle. As this was the only remaining item on the task list, this project is now closed. Should the Radius CRM adoption be successful in the prioritization cycle, a new project will be created.

8/27/14: We continue to review potential costs and applications across campus with regard to the Radius CRM with the vendor, Extended Ed, and Admissions. Given the scope of the discussion and the desire, from the functional team, to consult further with Hobsons Radius before finalizing the way forward, implementation is expected to be delayed beyond Fall, 2014. Instead, we will work with stakeholders across campus to ensure that we have identified the most efficient and cost effective implementation and rollout strategy for CRM on campus. 

7/29/14: Representatives from Extended Ed and Admissions have both expressed a willingness to move towards the Hobsons Radius solution. A deadline of 7/30/14 has been set to have in place an understanding of the costs, resource requirements, and commitments as they apply to both HSU and Hobsons.

6/23/14: CEEE staff continues to make successful use of the Nolij e-cabinet solution. Hobsons Radius (CRM) was demonstrated to CEEE staff on 6/6/14, and CEEE and admissions representatives will attend Hobsons roadshow on 6/24/14, followed by further discussion of CRM solutions; a decision on the path forward is anticipated by mid-July.

5/27/14: The Nolij e-cabinet is now ibeing used by CEEE staff, and documentation has been completed. A demonstration of Hobsons Radius (CRM) for CEEE staff will take place on 6/6/14; scenarios for review during the demonstraction have been created and provided to the vendor. Based on the results of this session and discussions with the Registrar's office, a decision will be made as to the direction we will take with CRM going forward.

4/23/14: The Nolij cabinet is complete, and training is now in progress for CEEE staff. The team is continuing to consider CRM solutions and search/match functionality.

3/25/14: The setup of Nolij e-cabinet is complete and training on access granting has been provided to CEEE. The solution will be rolled out to the full CEEE team in April. We are continuing to discuss Hobsons as our CRM solution, while also considering the cross-campus implications of different CRM solutions for extended ed and other areas. Potential options for automating Search/Match functions remain under investigation as part of a revamped registration process.

2/25/14: The Nolij e-cabinet for storage and retrieval of paper forms has been set up in a test environment. The auto-import from scanner functionality has been installed and tested successfully, and user testing will be completed by the end of February. The e-cabinet will be moved into production once user sign-off has been received.

Revised pricing has been from Intelliworks for the CRM tool and is being reviewed by the team. We will discuss our options and determine an appropriate course of action for Extended Ed. We are working to finalize the requirement matrix for establishing an automated search/match function for Extended Ed registration; based on the final requirements, we will outline our options for implementing automated student registration processses.

1/25/14: Kicked off creation of Nolij e-cabinet for paper forms (primarily registration) processed by extended education. Required documentation (e.g. doc types, search terms, etc.) will be completed by 1/31/14, with testing to follow and a tentative go-live date of 2/28/14.

Continue discussions with Hobsons regarding Intelliworks. Vendor is transitioning to a new platform and product which will combine the functionality of their existing product Connect (which admissions uses) with the Intelliworks platform. Functionality matrix is complete and pricing structure should be available by mid-late February to enable us to review the value potential and cost implications if we were to take this route for Extended Ed. It appears the registration process could benefit greatly from this type of tool in streamlining processes, reducing data entry redundancy, increasing communications effectiveness, tracking student interactions, and transitioning to an automated “search/match” function in the future.

11/25/13: Identified as-is map, key issues, and areas to focus on going forward. Gained alignment with CEEE leadership, and beginning to map Nolij e-cab solution and filing processes. Identified key issues with current CRM capabilities and requirements for a solution. Held a demo to review Hobsons' Intelliworks solution. Provided additional questions for vendor and will continue to evaluate their ability to deliver on CEEE requirements.

Gathered information about potential Admission Applications Web Services (AAWS) solution for admitting/matching student records but determined solution would not meet requirements. Seeking alternate solutions with CSU Northridge quick-admit and/or HSU-developed process combined with CRM solutions for automating registration processing. 

10/16/13: This project has been approved by the President and VPs as one of four core areas of process improvement priorities for 2013-14.

12/5/12: Proposal has been deferred for consideration as part of campus-wide efficiency initiaitves planned to commence in 2013.



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