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The current Drupal 6 content management system, a key element in HSU's campus web architecture, needs to be upgraded to Drupal 7 in order to stay current with changing software standards. The initial phase will be limited to ITS performing an upgrade in a test environment to determine the potential impact of implementing Drupal across all campus websites.

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Info Tech Services Dir Office

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Gradient Closed

Status Update

8/5/2015: The project in its broad form has been closed and broken into three component parts. Click the links below for more information on each:

 Hosted Drupal 7 Distribution

Deploying Drupal Campus-Wide

Campus-Wide Migration to Drupal 7

6/24/15: MarCom is working with Kalamuna to discover and fix issues in the master theme and reports; both teams believe the issues are related to a j-query, and Kalamuna is investigating. A follow-up call with the Kalamuna project manager is being coordinated to determine whether Kalamuna feels they will resolve the issues and complete by mid-July as planned. MarCom workload issues may also affect the mid-July target completion target, so the end of July appears to be a more realistic target date for completing the distribution and being ready for final testing and deployment.

5/29/2015: The project team has moved to weekly check-in calls with Kalamuna and MarCom. The MarCom team is working on customizing the master theme (templates) in the distribution and reports that everything is set with Pantheon to install the distribution there. Kalamuna confirms the project is on track for completion in mid-July, as expected.

4/27/15: We are holding daily stand up calls with MarCom and Kalamuna to customize the HSU master template. While the project is behind as a whole, the work to build a hosted distribution is coming along as expected, despite the late start. Go-live for MarCom use is now targeted for 8/14/2015, based on the revised start date. The timeline for the remaining tasks has been completed and submitted for review; once approved, it will serve as the foundation on which MarCom and ITS will formulate the final upgrade implementation plan.

3/26/15: Kalamuna and MarComm are finalizing the Technical Specification document, and a Sprint 1 demo is planned for 3/27/15, at which the Kalamuna team will demonstrate how the deployment will be structured.

2/24/15: MarCom has delivered wireframes to Kalamuna, and the Kalamuna project manager is now working on the technical specifications of the site and a list of priorities. The next checkin with Kalamuna is scheduled for 2/25/15. The project timeline has been completed and submitted to Melinda for review prior to distribution.

1/29/2015: The distribution project kick-off meeting has been scheduled for 1/29/2015 with MarComm, ITS, and Kalamuna. The timeline to lay out the additional goals of the project - page, process, user relation, and hosting relationship ownership strategies - is in progress; once this is finalized a new end date and go-live date will be published.

12/15/14: We have contracted with Kalmuna to develop a Drupal distribution on the Pantheon platform; work is expected to start in January 2015 and be complete by June 2015. Once the distribution is finished, maintenance becomes Pantheon's responsibility. We still need to determine what that maintenance looks like and what ITS or MarComm may need to do to ensure adequate support for the HSU website.

While the Kalmuna work is in progress, the team will be addressing the following issues and updating the project timeline accordingly.

  • Determine whether migration of all HSU sites is part of the current project scope
  • The impact of the imminent (by mid-2015) arrival of Drupal 8 on our plans

10/30/14: The team met 9/30/14 to lay out the functionality to be included in the upcoming distribution, the statement of work for which should be completed next week. The main humboldt.edu home- and sub-pages were moved to Pantheon during the 10/19/14 maintenance window, after which a lessons learned session was conducted to gather additional insight for the complete migration plan. 

9/23/14: A planning meeting was held on 9/11/14 between ITS Managers, Marcom and ITS Project Management resulting in identification and agreement on ownership and responsibilities for pages and processes as well as user and hosting relationships. A detailed project task list, with timelines and assignments, will be developed from these results; an initial list of immediate action items from the meeting is beginning to move forward. The project dates will be updated once funding has been secured, necessary consulting support arranged, and the overall project timeline established.  

8/27/14: We are working with MarCom on a plan to move the rest of this project to completion. 

7/31/14: We are working with MarCom to test out moving the main Humboldt website to a hosted environment with the minimum amount of disruption to the campus. 

6/24/14: We continue to evaluate RFI responses with MarCom to identify a vendor who can create a single-site distribution set up. Additionally, we are sorting through migration plans and issues for moving the main Humboldt website to a hosted environment.

4/24/2014:  We did not receive enough RFI responses for the site architecture and construction, and MarCom is in the process of converting the main HSU website to Drupal. For these reasons, we are changing our focus to identifying a developer who can create a single-site distribution set-up and looking at hosting individual sites rather than one large site for multiple departments. ITS is evaluating the options for patching the existing Drupal 6 sites to the most current levels to extend support for this version a little longer. ?

3/26/2014:  The hosting contract is now in place. We continue to review RFI responses for the site architecture and construction.

2/25/2014: We continue to work on the hosting contract and are developing an RFI for a design company to assist with the site architecture and deployment.

1/27/14: We are finalizing a hosting contract with Pantheon and are working with the vendor to develop an architecture plan for the site. 

11/26/13: We are still looking to identify funding for this project.

10/31/13: We are still looking to identify funding for this project.

9/24/13: We continue to work on a decision regarding Drupal hosting vendors and on identifying funding for this part of the project.

8/27/13: We are still working on a decision regarding Drupal hosting vendors and continue to seek funding for this part of the project.

7/29/13: We have reviewed the responses to the RFI for Drupal hosting and participated in demonstrations by shortlisted vendors. Costs and funding are now being sorted out in preparation for a decision in August.

6/24/13: We have received responses to our Request for Information for Drupal hosting and will be reviewing these responses over the next few weeks.

5/30/13: We are putting together a set of requirements for Drupal hosting vendors and planning out the Drupal 7 environment for the main Humboldt.edu site.

4/23/13: We are in discussion with consultants to help us determine the next steps in completing the upgrade and moving forward with our Drupal 7 rollout.

3/26/13: We continue to search for expert assistance to help us complete the upgrade and move forward with the plan to roll out Drupal 7 to the campus.

2/25/13: The team is meeting weekly to scope out the steps needed to upgrade individual sites. We have encountered some unexpected problems and are reaching out to identify expert assistance that will help us to complete the upgrade.

1/28/13: The development instance of Drupal has been upgraded, and we're beginning to test that upgrade to determine what work is needed to port individual sites to the new version.

12/21/12: We are working on upgrading the development instance of Drupal 6. That test upgrade should be completed by 1/4/13, at which time we will determine what is needed for individual sites.

11/28/12: We now have a development system cloned from our production system, so that the upgrade testing can begin this month.

10/30/12: No progress has been made on the Drupal upgrade during October because of more urgent actions required on other projects. We expect to complete the upgrade in a test environment before the end of November.

9/24/12: Work on the development environment and upgrade plans is continuing, as is cooperation with Marketing & Communications to determine how Drupal might be more widely adopted on campus.

8/27/12:  We continue to work on the development environment and upgrade plans. We are also working on additional plans with Marketing & Communications to increase usage of Drupal on campus.

8/6/12:  Preparations are being made to test the upgrade in a development environment to help us understand how much work will be required to migrate each individual account. "Next steps" conversations are ongoing between the VP of University Advancement and the CIO. 

6/25/12: The VP of University Advancement and the CIO are scheduled to meet 7/10/12 to discuss the Drupal 7 recommendation and next steps.

5/22/12:  We have forwarded a recommendation to adopt Drupal 7 as the campus web content management system to the Vice President of University Advancement and the Chief Information Officer. Pending their approval, work will begin to make Drupal 7 available to the campus.  

4/23/12: Usability testing is being conducted to determine which of the two shortlisted packages is easier to use. Once that testing is complete, we will make our decision.

3/26/12: Seven different Content Management Systems (CMSs) (Drupal 7, WordPress, Live Whale, OmniUpdate, ModX, ExpressionEngine, and Alfresco) have been evaluated. Drupal 7 and WordPress have been shortlisted, and demo sites are being tested using each of these two packages.

2/27/12: Web content management system requirements have been established, and we are in the process of evaluating possible software candidates.

12/21/11: Project approved to begin 2/1/12, contingent on the development of a plan for adopting a single web content management system across campus. The initial planning meeting has been scheduled for 2/6/12.

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Project Documents

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