Early Alert System


Implementation of an Early Alert system will enable early identification of students at risk based on their status or academic performance. This will allow HSU to respond early and often, guiding students through appropriate corrective actions designed to help them succeed. This will replace the current manual Mid-Semester Evaluation form and process. 

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Student Affairs-VP Office

Primary Customers

Melinda Haynes Swank
Peg Blake
Jena' Burges
Mike Bradley
Tom Mendenhall
Bill Bateman
Mark Hendricks
Ken Ayoob, Chair Advising Working Group
Faculty - TBD
Staff - TBD
Jacque Honda
Dana Deason
Dan Saveliff
Noah Zerbe
Chris Dehart
Tracy Smith
Cortney Koors
Patty O'Rourke-Andrews
Robin Jones
Su Karl
Lanaya Gaberel
Jeff Williams

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

5/6/14: The final project meeting has been held and MAP-Works has been transitioned to Student Affairs for shared business ownership: Robin Jones (System Administrator), Tracy Smith (MAP-Works Operations), and Kathy Thornhill (Primary for MAP-Works Academic Updates). Mike Bradley will continue to provide technical operations support as needed. This project is closed. 

4/15/14: Academic updates for Spring semester have been completed. The final project meeting is scheduled for 5/6/14, at which time ongoing use of MAP-Works will be transitioned to Student Affairs staff. 

3/17/14: The After Action review was completed on 3/12/14 with good feedback on the project, the MAP-Works tool, and the associated processes, all of which will be considered in future conversations about HSU's early intervention activities. Project leadership meetings will continue monthly as needed through May 2014, at which time the project will be closed. 

2/25/14: The assessment plan was completed and delivered on schedule. The Spring transition survey cycle was completed on 2/17/14 and the Spring request for Academic Updates from faculty opened on schedule on 2/21/14. Implementation team meetings are winding down, with the last one scheduled for 3/5/14, at which time the After Action review will be completed.  Project leadership meetings will continue monthly as needed thru May of this year.

1/21/14: Work on the assessment plan continues and is on target for delivery to the Provost in January. Final Fall 2013 semester data loads have been completed and Spring 2014 data is now being loaded daily. The schedule for Spring surveys and academic updates has been set; these activities will provide the administrative user team with a good opportunity to test drive their new business process guide. 

11/22/13: Fall Check Up surveys closed on schedule, and MAP-Works is now in daily use by the various campus communities. The assessment plan is being updated with the results of all Fall 2013 activities, and a report compiled for delivery to the Provost in January; other activities include wrapping up data upload changes to close the Fall semester. In the coming weeks, preparation for the Spring semester will begin: setting the schedule for surveys, Academic Updates, and making any necessary changes to data uploads from PeopleSoft to MAP-Works.   

10/24/13: The Academic Updates for the fall semester were completed with a response rate exceeding that achieved using the old manual mid-semester evaluations and with an increased number of updates requested. In addition to the students who participate in programs that typically requested mid-semester evaluations, we included Sophomore students on academic probation. Lessons learned from this first experience with Academic Updates will be incorporated into the Spring Academic Update process. The second fall semester survey, Fall Check Up, was deployed to all First Year students on schedule on 10/21/13 and will close on 11/4/13. Several training videos and business process guides have been released for campus use.  While this project continues to be on schedule, the end date is being extended to allow for continued monitoring through the first academic year of use. 

9/19/13: MAP-Works went live as scheduled on 8/30/13.  Student surveys began distribution on schedule on 9/9/13 and will close on 9/23; current response rate for first-year surveys has exceeded our goal! Academic Update requests (which are replacing the manual mid-semester evaluations) are on schedule for distribution 9/26/13 and will be accompanied by video and written usage guidelines and demonstrations at College department chair meetings. The project remains on schedule.   

8/26/13: MAP-Works system setup configuration and initial data loads are complete, including setup of the Fall survey and single-sign-on. The IRB review is complete. myHumboldt pagelets for both Students and Faculty/Staff are completed and tested. Multiple test worksessions have been completed with good results; a few remaining groups will complete their testing this week. Consultant-led training was completed on schedule and custom user guides to support the different user groups are nearly complete. Documentation for authorization of assigned security roles is in progress. The project is on schedule for an 8/30 go-live. 

7/29/13: MAP-Works system setup configuration is almost complete, as are the initial data loads for student data, course details, and faculty and staff user information. The training plan is in final review and the MAP-Works consultant will be on campus August 8-9 to conduct initial "train the trainer" sessions. MAP-Works and the HSU technical team are progressing well with testing as the pilot campus for MAP-Works single sign-on functionality, and the MAP-Works survey information is under review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The next step is to frame the test plans and begin testing functionality and user access in early August. The project is on schedule for an 8/30 go-live.

6/24/13: The Implementation Team is developing a matrix to identify current and proposed support structures by service resource department (e.g. EOP, RAMP, etc.) and service need (e.g. Academic Readiness, Progress to Degree, etc.). The matrix will be used to identify business process documentation and training requirements as well as to highlight configuration decisions for MAP-Works.

Mike Bradley is developing the data extracts from PeopleSoft that will populate MAP-Works, working with Jacque Honda and the IRP team; Jacque is the point person for final decisions on data extracts as well as the initial MAP-Works system setup. Robin Jones will own business process documentation, coordinating training and testing. 

MAP-Works is on schedule to release single sign-on functionality by the third week of July. Five team members are attending the MAP-Works Annual Users Conference this week to gain a thorough understanding of the system functionality that will aid final setup decisions, processes and training. The project is on schedule. 

5/28/13: The Implementation Team welcomes Patty O'Rourke-Andrews (Housing), Chris Dehart (Athletics) and Su Karl (Learning Center).  The team completed the April webinars and work sessions (plus one follow-up session) with the MAP-Works consultant, resulting in draft plans for Goals, Success Measures and Output Measures, Intervention Strategies, identification of intersections between the Maxient Student Conduct system and MAP-Works, and designs for user security and permission sets. The team is currently compiling business process documentation requirements, evaluating what currently exists to identify what (1) can be reused, (2) should be created or revamped to reflect new processes or (3) retired as no longer needed. Documentation will consider audiences of students, faculty and staff; Lanaya Gaberel and Jeff Williams from the HR Training team are also beginning to orient themselves to the MAP-Works solution. The process guides will serve as a basis for test scripts as well as to identify training needs. Five team members will attend the MAP-Works Annual Users Conference 6/24/13-6/27/13. The project is on schedule. 

4/17/13: The Implementation Team has been identified. It will be led by Jacque Honda and include Dan Saveliff, Dana Deason, Noah Zerbe, Tom Trepiak, Tracy Smith, and Peg Blake; Mike Bradley will be the technical lead. A MAP-Works Getting Started webinar with the Implementation Team & Advising Working Group will take place 4/23/13, followed by a review of the MAP-Works implementation project plan (Intake Interview) with the Implementation Team on 4/29/13. The first consulting visit will take place 5/7/13 and 5/8/13 with the Implementation Team and will include time for strategic planning and administrative training on the setup and use of MAP-Works. The project is on schedule. 

3/25/13: The contract, including the Statement of Work, has been signed, allowing work to commence. The first draft of the project task list has been sent to MAP-Works for review. Next steps are to identify the project team and schedule the "intake interviews" to be led by MAP-Works in April and their onsite consulting visit in May. The formal name of the project has been changed from the original Early Academic Warning System to the more concise Early Alert System.

2/25/13: Notice of Intent to Award and associated documents have been accepted by selected vendor MAP-Works. We are currently working with them to create the Statement of Work needed to issue the contract, and expect to complete this work by 3/1/13. The first draft of the project task list is in progress. 

1/28/13: Following December's product demonstrations, Request for Quotes (RFQs) are under review by the evaluation committee and a decision is expected by 2/8/13. The project scope will then be defined to support a Fall 2013 semester go-live date and a project timeline to run from March through August 2013.

12/5/12: Project approved and scheduled. 

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