Early Start Program - Phase 1


In accordance with Executive Order 1048, Humboldt State University will deliver beginning remediation in math and composition for freshman students beginning in the 2012-13 academic year and install the associated PeopleSoft customizations from CMS Central.

Requesting Department
Acad Affairs - Provost and VP

Primary Customers
Remedial Students

Jená Burges
Dale Oliver
Ken Ayoob
Scott Haag
Grace Dempsey
Kim Coughlin-Lamphear
Jyoti Rawal
Bob Sizoo
Ken Thrift
Bill Bateman
Carl Hansen
Jacqueline Nagatsuka
Marisa D'Arpino

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

09/06/12:  The project has been completed ahead of schedule. Feedback from students, instructors, and supporting HSU employees has been very positive, as has feedback from the project team. Analysis of the program's results will continue as additional data comes in from third parties.

07/16/12: Classes are in process through 8/3/12. The third and final CMS Central customization (grades and scoring) goes into production this week, with the grades posting to ETS on 8/15/12.

06/25/12: The team met earlier this month to confirm all tasks needed for 7/9/12 start of classes. The CO's ETS Grades/Scores uploads/downloads customization is being tested and will go into production 7/18/12. Final team meeting will be scheduled for a couple of weeks after the start of school.

05/21/12:  The Quick Admit/Enroll CMS Central customization was installed earlier this month and testing of the ETS upload (third and final CMS Central customization) will begin in early June. The next team meeting is planned for mid-June.

04/23/12:  The Quick Admit/Enroll CMS Central customization is being installed on 4/25/12 for a go-live date of May 1.  Non-ITS tasks are also on track. The next team meeting will take place in June.

03/26/12: Testing of the curriculum and the second set of CMS customizations are in process. The next team meeting is scheduled for 4/16/12.

02/27/12: Initial testing of the ESP (Early Start Program) Customization 2 (Quick Admin/Enroll) will start soon. The ESP English and Curriculum courses are being vetted in Spring 2012 classes. The next project team meeting is scheduled for 3/5/12.

01/30/12: Project team met 1/27/12. Work is proceding and adjustments are being made as the Chancellor's Office refines the information.

12/19/11: Phase 1 of the PeopleSoft customizations are being tested and courses being developed.

11/28/11: Team meeting scheduled for Dec 7 to review Technical Support and Communication draft plans and update Task List. Testing will take place for SMART Page and Global Database from mid-December through early January.

10/24/11: Meeting with CMS Central this week to confirm understanding of customizations being delivered in January and March 2012. Will be discussing the hiring of instructor/assistants on 11/7/11 with Math and Composition Deans and on 12/7/11 with the entire team.

09/23/11: Completed initial conversations with Project Leads. Project Task list will be updated and reviewed with Project Leads in December. Awaiting Quick Admit/Register design revision from CMS Central and decisions to open questions/issues from Chancellor's Office and Project Team.

08/29/11: Meeting with the Project Sponsor and Project Leads to develop the Project Task List.

Project Documents
06-20-11 to 09-28-12

Project Documents

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