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The current Student Health Center Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system comprises multiple components that are not integrated, resulting in frequent errors, increased complexity in charting and significant maintenance requirements, all of which lead to providers having less evaluation time to spend with student patients. The Health Center has formed a software replacement committee and is currently in the process of gathering requirements to conduct evaluations of possible replacement solutions. 

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Health Center

Primary Customers
Health Center providers and staff

Mary VanCott
Cade Webb

Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

1/31/14: Mary VanCott has withdrawn her request for new Electronic Medical Records software. A committee has been identified to review the current provider's contract in advance of the 2014 annual renewal to address continuing concerns with the existing solution. This project has been cancelled.

9/9/13: Mary VanCott is awaiting an update from the CO concerning negotiations between the CO and Point and Click Solutions.

6/25/13: SHC summer staff will narrow down to around 4 the list of software packages that will be evaluated in August when the providers are back at work. To date, we have identified PyraMED and Point & Click on that list. We have completed the requirements matrix with input from IT, Billing, Lab, Pharmacy, and general staff.

12/5/12: Proposal is approved for exploration and product selection only, which will require a one-year extension of the current product license. Mike Burghart, Director of Contracts and Procurement, will assist in negotiating this extension. Once a replacement product has been selected, this proposal can be re-examined for implementation planning. 

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