Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Database & Server


Deploy a new server for use by the EOC in the event of an emergency. Develop and deploy an EOC database to be used by the EOC team for:

  1. PERSON STATUS: Recording information about individuals and their status after a disaster
  2. BUILDING OCCUPANCY: Listings of the activities and people scheduled in specific building(s) at specific date(s) & time(s)
  3. EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO: Contact information for faculty, staff & students to help gather and disseminate information after a disaster. 

Requesting Department
UPD Emergency Mgmt

Primary Customers

Tom Dewey, Chief of Police
Randi Darnall-Burke, Dean of Students
Gary Krietsch, Facilities Director
Anna Kircher, CIO
Tammy Curtis, HR Director
Melissa Koval, Office of Academic Personnel
Josh Callahan, CITSS Director
Melinda Haynes Swank, Project Manager

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

9/27/11: The Dean of Students has agreed to the EOC database going live. The  two remaining fixes will be considered as future enhancements.  

8/29/11: The final two fixes are under review with the Dean of Students to determine whether they must be implemented before the project can be declared closed or whether they should be added to the enhancements list for later consideration.

5/31/11: Server is live and version 1.0 of the EOC databases has been tested and released. A list of fixes was compiled and is being worked on. A "wish list" list of enhancements was also compiled but is on hold until the Student Affairs EOC and EOC Call Center project have been scoped and approved so that only those changes agreed by all stakeholders are added. 

Project Documents
05-07-10 to 08-01-11

Project Documents

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