Energy Management Control Systems Network Modernization


Move the Energy Management Control Systems (EMS) network to a new VLAN with secure VPNs to utility-associated third party vendors such as EnerNOC and Johnson Controls to enable HSU to take advantage of increased efficiencies and available discounts, as well as collect accurate data for HEIF decision-making. Significant efficiencies in network management will also be achieved by utilizing the data network managed by ITS rather than continuing to operate a separate Plant Operations data network.

Project Request Documents
Project Documents
Requesting Department
Plant Operations

Primary Customers

Sierra Ventuleth - Project Lead
Toby Walker - Project Lead
Plant Operations
HEIF Admin
Silas Biggin - Project Sponsor

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

01/15/13: The project is now complete. 

12/12/12: The project is nearing completion based on the original scope of work. The Forbes Complex (now Wellness Center) renovation was also added to the project scope after the project began, resulting in a 1-2 week delay. At this time, the project is 92% complete with only SH remaining.

11/19/12: The project continues to make steady progress, with GH, HC, and FH now completed. 

10/26/12: The project continues to make slow but steady progress, with LB, TA, FR, and other buildings being completed; the project is now 45% complete. The entire project is expected to be completed by 12/3/12. Ongoing delays are the result of a shortage of available electricians.

10/05/12: The project has beenmoving forward with about 1-2 pathways being readied by electricians each week. TNS has been following behind the electricians installing the network cabling. As of this update, the following buildings have been cut over: WFB, BSS, K&A, SERC, NR, SC, VMH; the project is now 31% complete.

9/24/12: The project has started, but could be late because of a lack of available electricians.

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled. 

Project Documents
09-17-12 to 12-03-12

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