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By implementing electronic document processing of the fee waiver process, ideally through Nolij, staff time and resources would be freed up to work on other projects, and fee waiver requesters would receive more efficient, timely, and responsive service. The current manual process makes it difficult for both staff and applicants to track the status of their waiver requests, leading to additional administrative work locating and reporting back on request status and potential financial hardship and/or missed courses for the applicant.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Human Resources

Primary Customers
HSU employees and students

Jesse Clark
Bethany Rizzardi
Human Resources Department
Office of the Registrar
Student Financial Services
Academic Personnel Services

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

11/26/13: We have received positive feedback both on the look and ease of the e-forms and the speed and visibility of status with the new process. This project is now closed, with much thanks to the fee waiver team!

10/31/13: The Fee Waiver e-forms are now live online, and are receiving positive feedback from customers. Our lessons learned meeting has been scheduled for mid-November, after which we will close this project.

9/24/13: The forms have been finalized and are being tested by customers next week. Announcements will go out to the campus the first week of October.

8/27/13: Form testing has been stalled, but will pick back up after the Labor Day holiday weekend as we make preparations for the campus-wide roll-out.

7/29/13: Final form testing will take place over the next two weeks, and preparation for campus roll-out is under way.

6/24/13: We are working out the final tweaks on the e-form in preparation for a July go-live.  

5/30/13: The fee waiver team has been processing fee waivers, and we will complete the testing of the eforms this month.

4/23/13: The fee waiver team will begin processing fee waiver requests in the Nolij workflow beginning 4/29/13.  We are finishing up testing the eform prior to scheduling a rollout date.

3/26/13: The e-forms for the various Fee Waivers are still in progress, and the Fee Waiver team continues to test the workflow. With agreement from the team and project sponsor, the decision has been made to postpone the go-live date.

2/25/13: The Fee Waiver team is currently testing both the e-forms and the workflow. They are also preparing communications and instructions for the campus rollout.

1/28/13: The e-forms for the various Fee Waivers are still in progress, and the Fee Waiver team continues to test the workflow. With agreement from the project sponsor, the decision has been made to change the go-live date to 3/13/13. Instructions and other relevant information will be made available in March.

12/21/12: The Nolij programmers have been finalizing changes to the workflow, and the Fee Waiver team will be testing in January. Information and instructions will be provided to campus in late January, and the new workflow is scheduled to go live 2/12/13.

11/27/12: The Nolij programmers have demonstrated the workflow for the Fee Waiver team. The team will now begin testing, training and finalizing plans for moving their workflow into production.

10/29/12: The Fee Waiver team will be seeing a preview of their workflow today and will make changes over the next few weeks based on this demonstration. The team will also be making plans and building forms to interact with PeopleSoft.  

9/24/12: The Fee Waiver team has documented its current process and begun workflow planning; efficiency goals are in the process of being finalized. Planning will be completed by the end of September, and workflow building and forms planning will start in the next few weeks.

8/27/12: Workflow planning will begin next week when Nolij consultants are on site. The remainder of the project timeline will be established during the next few weeks.

8/6/12: Work has begun on defining roles and document types, and we will build out the initial Nolij environment this month. Nolij consultants will be onsite at the beginning of September to begin documenting existing and future processes and start building the workflow.

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled to start 7/16/12. We may leverage Nolij consultants to assist with this project. 

Project Documents
07-16-12 to 03-27-13

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