Fee Waiver Workflow Phase 2: Career Development


While fee waiver applications are now routed electronically via Nolij, the career development plans required by many employees using the fee waiver program remain paper-based, leading to delays in the approval process for fee waiver applications. By adding the career development element to the existing fee waiver workflow process, affected staff and students will see faster, more accurate responses to their fee waiver applications.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Human Resources

Primary Customers

Ken Thrift
Liz Villarreal
Sabre Stacey
Bethany Rizzardi
Stephanie West
Registrar's Office
Student Financial Services

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

12/15/14: Final cosmetic changes to the form have been completed. The final test script walk through was successful and the communications program for go-live on 1/26/2015 has been agreed. The close-out and lessons learned reports are in progress and the after-action meeting has been scheduled. This project is now closed.

10/28/2014: The Career Development Plan eForm has been created and customers have run initial tests. To address process improvement needs, additional changes have been identified and are currently being vetted by the programmer analyst. These changes will help APS limit  paper use by reducing the need to print forms for review by executive management.

9/22/2014: We kicked off Phase II of the Fee Waiver project on 9/2/14. which adds Career Development Plans to the fee waiver packages in Nolij. The solution will mirror the appointment document eForm already developed and use the established workflow. Development of the eForm and routing into Nolij is in progress.

5/8/2014: This project has been approved and the design phase scheduled to begin in September 2014; the target implementation date will be set based on the results of the design phase.

Project Documents
09-01-14 to 12-31-14

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