Field Trip: PeopleSoft Modification Enhancement


The coordination, planning, and execution of student field trips are currently processed by multiple departments and personnel using multiple systems. Additionally, rosters for fields trips that take place before Census must be manually entered into PeopleSoft, increasing the potential for errors, and students must complete a separate liability waiver for each trip. The process would be significantly more efficient and less error-prone with the addition of automated nightly PeopleSoft roster updates, per-semester liability waivers, inclusion of code of conduct and medical release documents, and a PeopleSoft query for UPD to use when tracking the whereabouts of individual students. 

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
CNRS College Wide

Primary Customers
Every department that schedules field trips

Alan Lutje
Ken Thrift
Cortney Koors
Josh Smith
Julie Tucker
College Deans
Mike Burghart
Joan Tyson
Randi Darnall Burke
Enrollment Management

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

9/25/14: We have conducted our Lessons Learned session, and two work requests have emerged: one to create a new page after the Field Trip Entry screen that captures Field Trip dates, and one to reduce the size of the field trip roster from three pages to one.

8/27/2014: The Field Trip Modification Enhancement went live on 8/12/2014. A training session has been scheduled for 9/4/2014 at 3pm, which will also incorporate information gathering for a new project request to further streamline this process. 

7/28/2014: The last month was spent building and testing the structured query report (SQR) for the nightly automatic roster refresh. We also added, a link to the Emergency Contact page from our existing HUMCS Field Trip Customization, and included the Code of Conduct with the Release of Liability. We anticipate making a work request for a date field in the customization.

A number of training needs have been identified, including training UPD on the entire Field Trip process so that they have an understanding of their role, and continued training for faculty and academic department ASCs, including tips and tricks. Existing documentation is being updated. 

Communications regarding modifications to the current process will be issued at the beginning of the semester. 

6/24/2014: Requirements have been identified, designed, and are in the process of being built. By July, we hope to have the following ready for testing:

  • An Emergency Contact page in the HUMCS Field Trip customization that will make the request to update emergency contact information more visible to students going on a field trip
  • A field trip query for UPD that searches by HSU ID number, which will make it easier for dispatchers to find students' emergency contact information
  • A link from students' To-Do items on myHumboldt that leads directly to the PeopleSoft Humboldt Campus Solutions (HUMCS) Field Trip customization, where they will sign the Release of Liability waiver and the Code of Conduct, and have another opportunity to update their emergency contact information
  • An automatic nightly refresh of the Field Trip Roster that will eliminate the current manual effort by the Academic Department ASCs.

At the beginning of this project, the need was expressed for a way to collect Emergency Contact information more broadly. After a series of meetings led by the ITS Project Office Process Improvement Manager, a recommendation has been presented to the VPs for how to move forward with collecting emergency contact information for all HSU staff, faculty, and students outside the scope of this project.

5/8/2014: This project has been approved to begin the design phase this month; a target implementation date will be set based on the results of the design phase. The Vice Presidents have also requested that, within legal guidelines, this enhancement should include a requirement that participant emergency contact information be provided as part of the field trip documentation process.

Project Documents
05-15-14 to 08-29-14

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