Financial Aid Office Workflow


Automate the workflow of all Financial Aid documents using the existing Nolij installation to improve response times to students and increase efficiency and accuracy. This will in turn promote student admissions, retention, and success by delivering critical information in a timely fashion.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Financial Aid Office

Primary Customers
Financial Aid student recipients
Financial Aid office staff

Liz Villarreal
Bethany Rizzardi
Brendan Brisker
Peggy Metzger

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

6/24/14: The Financial Aid workflow has been in production for several weeks and all is going well. The lessons learned session has been scheduled for the week of 6/30/14, after which the project will be closed.

5/29/14: Financial Aid is now in the final stages of testing and everything is looking great. We are scheduled to move the workflow changes to production on 6/6/14.

4/24/14: Final bug fixes are expected to be completed by early May, ar which point we will be able to move the workflow into production.

3/26/14: The final phase of testing is on hold in order to accommodate a busy time for financial aid packaging, but we still anticipate going into production in April.

2/26/14: Financial Aid testing continues and the workflow changes will be moved into production in March. 

1/27/14: Financial Aid is finalizing their testing. Changes will be moved to production in late February.

11/26/13: Our Nolij consultant has fixed the last of the bugs that were preventing us from moving forward. We anticipate completing testing in Financial Aid by 12/6/13 and are making plans to move the new changes into production.

10/31/13: A Nolij consultant will be working with us during November to enable us to complete the work on this project.

9/24/13:  Additional support from our Nolij consultants to complete this project is ongoing, and a new go-live date will be posted as soon as we have reached agreement with the stakeholders.

8/27/13:  We are receiving additional support from our Nolij consultants to complete this project, and a new go-live date will be posted as soon as we have reached agreement with the stakeholders.

7/29/13:  We are continuing to test the workflow and resolve bugs. A new go-live date will be posted as soon as agreement has been reached with the stakeholders.

6/24/13: Testing is under way for the new workflow. We anticipate that the workflow will be largely finalized in July, enabling broader departmental testing to begin.

5/30/13: We continue to work on testing the workflow and resolving bugs. A new go-live date will be posted as soon as agreement has been reached.

4/23/13: The Financial Aid Office has restarting the testing process. We will now be working through our test scenarios in preparation for the May go-live.

3/26/13: Due to development delays with our consultant, we have missed our testing opportunity with the Financial Aid Office. For this reason, we are delaying our go-live until May, when the Financial Aid staff is available to test.

1/28/13: The Financial Aid team has begun testing and will continue to test for the next few weeks. The Financial Aid modified workflow will go live on 2/27/13.

12/21/12: The Nolij programmers will be making changes to the workflow through January. Testing will begin in February, and we anticipate going live the week of 2/25/13.

11/27/12: The Financial Aid team is working this week with a Nolij consultant to define requirements for their workflow. We are working on scheduling out the details of the project.

10/31/12: We will be meeting with a consultant from Nolij the week of 11/26/12 to begin workflow planning.

8/6/12: Work has begun on defining roles and document types, and we will build out the initial Nolij environment this month. Nolij consultants will be onsite at the beginning of September to begin documenting existing and future processes and start building the workflow.

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled to start11/1/12.

3/12/12: Project resubmitted with statement of sponsorship support documentation.

12/21/11: Project scored. Resource limitations prevented recommendation or scheduling at this time. 

Project Documents
11-26-12 to 06-30-14

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