Financial Aid Shopping Sheet


Adopt the US Department of Education "Financial Aid Shopping Sheet" to provide standardized information to applicants and students. This will enable them to easily determine and compare the true cost of attendance and the type of financial aid they are receiving. The shopping sheet would be developed by HSU if Oracle is unable to deliver a solution in the required timeframe; whichever development approach is used, HSU will need to make changes to deliver this information through the myHumboldt portal. 

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Financial Aid Office

Primary Customers
Applicants and Enrolled Students


Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

11/6: This project proposal has been withdrawn by Scott Hagg.  Oracle has agreed to deliver this functionality in PeopleSoft Student Center in January / February 2013, after which CMS Central is expected to deliver to campuses in maintenance pack 8.0 in early March.  The effort to link the myHumboldt portal to this delivered functionality is less than the 20 hours required to qualify as a project and so will be accomplished as a work request. 

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