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Modify some processes within grade processing to comply with new academic policy regarding RP grades for undergraduate students and executive order 1037 which dictates that failure due to academic dishonesty is not forgivable, neither of which is currently supported by Campus Solutions. The resulting manual adjustments take time and introduce inefficiencies as well as a higher incidence of errors.

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Alan Lutje
Marisa D'Arpino
Travis Brunner
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Status Update

06/24/13: The After Action Review has taken place and this project is now closed.

05/28/13: Still trying to schedule the After Action Review.

04/22/13:  Working on scheduling After Action Review.

03/28/13: Project is now complete except for the After Action Review.

03/22/13: ITS technical resources are not yet available, and the new testing start date has moved from 4/2/13 to 4/15/13. The production installation date has been set for 5/1/13 - it needs to be completed in time for the Spring 2013 Registrar's grade processing.

02/25/13: Item 1 (Repeat checking), Item 2 (Changing RP grades after 1 year), Item 5 (Exclude failure due to dishonesty grades from Repeat checking), and associated run controls will all be installed into production by 3/13/13. Item 3 (Incomplete contracts and RP grades) was cancelled because it would have required significant PeopleSoft baseline customization. Item 4 (Incomplete grades automation) remains to be completed once ITS technical resources open up. We expect to begin testing on 4/2/13.

01/28/13: Repeat Checking (customization #1) is done.  Awaiting status on testing the impact from the CO's ESP Use of 'RP' Grade (see December 2012 memo) (customization #5), development of remaining requirements (estimated completion was end of January), and estimated move-to-production date.

12/13/12: Customization #1, Repeat Checking, will go into production on 12/20/12. The balance of the customizations will be ready for testing by the end of January and a go-live date will be selected at that time.

11/26/12: Once the registration business cycle is complete, the programmer will be provided guidance by the responsible functional individual. The production rollout date will be discussed at the 12/4/12 project team meeting.

10/29/12: The modification was approved, so we are now awaiting the programming schedule from the programmer lead.

9/24/12: Nothing to report this month, as we continue to await a business decision regarding the preferred proposed technical solution to present to the Mod Governance Committee.

9/06/12: We are waiting on a business decision regarding the preferred proposed technical solution to present to the Mod Governance Committee.

8/06/12:  Technical analysis is expected to be completed by 8/10/12; the team will then look at the various options and propose a solution for Mod Governance Review. At this time, we will also re-evaluate the availability of ITS resources and the project schedule.

6/25/12:  Project team kick-off meeting held 6/7. More information needed about the requirements and potential solutions before setting a go-llive date. The team will regroup this week and review tasks and timing. Additionally, the August peak business cycles conflict with the requested go live date, but a September or October go-live would be workable. Schedule change can be mitigated by communicatons to faculty from the Registrar's office and ITS Management was already aware of potential changes.

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled to start 6/1/12.

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