Guest Wireless Self Registration


Enabling this process will allow campus guests to request a temporary, limited-access account themselves to enable immediate use of the campus wireless network. 

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Info Tech Services Dir Office

Primary Customers
Parents or other visitors to the campus

Rick Garcia
Sierra Ventuleth - Technical Lead
Steve Darnall
Pat Bitton - Communications Lead
Drew Meyer
Lorrie Marsh
Jeanne Wielgus
Bruce Tiffee

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

01/20/2014:  All tasks have been completed and the service went live on 1/10/14. We are continuing to review capacity issues to ensure that there will be sufficient capacity during peak load times such as Spring Preview; however the project itself has been closed. 

11/27/13: All tasks have been completed except procedure for conference/meeting attendees and website documentation. While we hope to have the conference attendee information sorted out soon, it will not be needed until Summer 2014, so once the web documentation is done, the service will go live. 

9/25/2013:  TNS staff are now working on this project. Most outstanding tasks have been completed and documentation is being created. The new go-live date is is 10/30/13. 

9/06/2013:  The TNS staff needed for this project are finishing campus summer projects and completing urgent start-of-term service requests. A new completion date will be posted later this month.

7/30/13: No change in project status due to higher priority tasks and a shortage of available resources within TNS. A new estimated completion date will be posted once resources become available again.

6/25/13: Completion of the project has been delayed by at least a month, as TNS resources have been assigned to higher-priority tasks. A new estimated completion date will be posted once resources become available again.

5/28/13: The project is behind schedule as key project team members are completing maintenance work required to keep the existing system running. The project is expected to ramp up the week of 6/3/13. 

4/22/13: Project will ramp up beginning 5/1/13. Most outstanding tasks have been completed, and documentation will get underway shortly. 

3/4/13: Project schedule adjusted slightly for a go-live date of 7/4/13. Oustanding tasks were identified and assigned to project stakeholders as action items. 

3/1/13: Kick off meeting scheduled.

12/5/12: Project approved and scheduled. 

Project Documents
03-01-13 to 07-04-13

Project Documents

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