GWPE Test Score Upload


Fix the loading of General Writing Proficiency Examination test scores into PeopleSoft, which became inoperable as a result of the upgrade to PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 in December 2011.

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Registrar's Office
English Department
Testing Department

Melinda Haynes Swank
Grace Dempsey
Mike Bradley

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Gradient Closed

Status Update

2/13/12: Meeting held 2/3 between Grace, Ken and Mike B determined that this process can be accomplished through creation of a new security role for use by the English Department who, after receiving training from Grace, will be able to create the needed values directly in PeopleSoft without need for a PeopleSoft modification. Ken & Grace worked with the Testing Center & English Department to test the security and process the changes. The new roles have been provided to the ITS PO to update the ARF, and the project is now complete. 

12/21/11: The GWPE test score upload component of the GWPE Online Registration project was approved and scheduled since this functionality was not made available in PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 and is needed by 2/25/12. The remaining GWPE Online Registration project elements (payment and prerequisite enforcement, special needs accommodation, test location assignments, and student notifications) will be re-submitted as a separate project in a subsequent round of prioritization.  


Project Documents
02-01-12 to 02-25-12

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