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An online registration system that will enforce payment and prerequisites, accommodate special needs, assign test locations, notify students and automatically upload the results into PeopleSoft will increase efficiencies by eliminating a total of almost 2000 personal contacts (three per student) per GWPE date.

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Testing Center

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Testing Center
Student Financial Services
English Department
Records Office
Ken Thrift

Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

9/12/12: A solution that uses existing CashNet functionality has been designed, which will significantly improve the payment and reporting process and is expected to be in use by the Spring 2013 testing period. Since this solution does not require ITS programming resources, the project request has been withdrawn by the Testing Center. 

5/8/12: Solution definition needed before approval can be recomended. ITS will work with the project team to identify process improvements that could reduce the scope of the project. On completion of this analysis, the project will be evaluated for resubmission in a subsequent prioritization cycle or scheduled with available resources.

3/12/12: Proposal for remaining elements of Fall 2011 GWPE project submitted with sponsorship support documentation.

12/21/11: Project approved and scheduled for the GWPE test score upload into PeopleSoft component only, since this functionality is not supported in the current version of PeopleSoft HCM (9.0) and is needed by 2/25/12. The GWPE test score upload is being processed as a standalone project, and the remaining elements will be re-submitted in a subsequent round of prioritization.

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