Hobsons CRM Implementation


Hobsons will replace the current Oracle CRM product used to communicate with prospective and applicant undergraduate and graduate candidates. 

Requesting Department

Primary Customers

Scott Hagg, Project Sponsor
Dale Sanford, Technical Team Lead
Gary Noar, Technical
Kristin Mack, Functional Lead
Kristen Gould, MarCom
Ken Thrift, ITS Security
Steve Ladwig, Admissions Operations
Melinda Haynes Swank, Project Manager

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

10/10/11: Oracle CRM license termination letter has been signed by Procurement and accepted by Oracle. This project is now closed.

9/26/11: Working with Oracle on language for CRM licensing agreement termination letter as the final task needed to close this project. 

8/29/11: All Oracle CRM servers have been powered down and are now being repurposed. When that process is complete, Oracle will be advised that the Oracle CRM application software has been removed from use, thus terminating the Oracle licensing agreement and closing the project. 

7/27/11: The project went live on 7/5/2011. We are now beginning the wrap-up and closing phase, including re-purposing the Oracle CRM servers and removing all Oracle CRM software. 

6/27/11: We are in the final tweaking and testing phase, and are on target to be in production 7/1/2011.

Project Documents
08-24-10 to 08-30-11

Project Documents

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