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Streamlining the multiple processes involved in logging, tracking, routing, revising, communicating, and implementing the 500 curriculum proposals received by the Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC) each year will enable academic departments to plan course offerings in a more timely fashion. The current manual system is inefficient and leads to delays in improving curricula that can affect HSU's ability to recruit, educate, and retain students as well as to attract potential donors.

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Curriculum Development

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ICC staff

Alan Lutje
Bethany Rizzardi
Jodie Baker
Julie Koeppel
Cindy Moyer
Anne Paulet

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Status Update

7/31/14: The curriculum eforms have been moved to production and are now available for campus use. As it is a slow time for curriculum use, the lessons learned meeting will be deferred until sufficient feedback has been received.

6/24/14: The final layout fix to the eforms will be ready for review by the ICC team on 6/26/14, after which the forms will be moved to production.

5/29/14: It is taking longer than expected to make the final tweaks to how the forms look when sent to Nolij, but we do anticipate going live within the next week.

4/24/14: External testing has gone well. We are now making a few final tweaks before moving the eforms to production on 5/2/14.

3/26/14: The Academic Programs staff is now working with external testers and expects to complete the final round of eform testing shortly, so the system can be moved into production in April.

2/26/14: The Academic Programs staff has resumed e-form testing with the goal of moving these forms into production in late March or early April.

1/27/14: The Academic Programs staff has taken a short break from e-forms testing during a busy currciulum proposal season. We will resume testing in February.

11/26/13: We have conducted test sessions with several department coordinators and identified a few bugs, which are now being fixed. We will be conducting additional test sessions in early December.

10/31/13: Testing with several department coordinators and chairs has been scheduled for early November. We will be preparing for the campus-wide roll-out upon successful completion of that testing.

9/24/13: We are reviewing the final versions of the e-forms for this project and preparing for campus-wide go-live.

8/27/13: We are reviewing and testing the final versions of the e-forms for this project and are preparing for campus-wide go-live.

7/29/13: We have almost completed the finalization of the e-forms for this project, which will enable departments to submit curriculum proposals online.  

6/24/13: We continue to work on finalizing the e-forms for this project in order to enable departments to submit curriculum proposals online.  

5/30/13: We continue to work on finalizing the eforms for this project to enable departments to submit curriculum proposals online.  

4/23/13: Now that the workflow is in production and has been used to process over 150 curriculum proposals, we are revisiting the eform for this project, which will allow departments to submit curriculum proposals online.

3/26/13: The ICC workflow is in production and being used by the Academic Programs staff to process curriculum proposals. 

2/25/13:The ICC team is currently testing both the e-forms and the workflow. They are also preparing communications and instructions for the campus and ICC/University Senate members.

1/28/13: The e-form for curriculum submissions is still in progress, and the ICC team continues to test the workflow. With agreement from the project sponsor, the decision has been made to change the go-live date to 3/12/13. Presentations and instructions will be made available in February.

12/21/12: We are finalizing the e-form for curriculum submissions and the ICC team has begun testing. Information about the new process for curriculum proposals will be made available in late January 2013.

11/27/12: The Nolij programmers have demonstrated the workflow for the ICC team. The team will now begin testing, training and finalizing plans for moving their workflow into production.

10/30/12:  The programming team is nearing completion of building the workflow and will be demonstrating it to the Academic Programs office staff and the ICC chair during November. After the demonstration, the programming team will make any necessary changes and begin work on forms.

9/24/12: The ICC team has documented its current process and begun workflow planning; efficiency goals are being finalized. Planning will be completed by the end of the month, and workflow building and forms planning will start in the next few weeks.

8/27/12: Workflow planning will begin next week when Nolij consultants are on site. The remainder of the project timeline will be established during the next few weeks.

8/6/12: Work has begun on defining roles and document types, and we will build out the initial Nolij environment this month. Nolij consultants will be onsite at the beginning of September to begin documenting existing and future processes and start building the workflow.

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled to start 7/2/12. The project team has already completed their as-is process map and a first draft of the to-be process map based on guidelines from the University Senate.   

3/12/12: Project resubmitted.

12/21/11: Project scored. Resource limitations prevented recommendation or scheduling at this time. 

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