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The current manual process of reporting student progress and quiz success in the information literacy tutorial Begin Your Research causes delays and additional work for both faculty and library staff. A fast turnaround on assessment and reporting data will enable faculty to respond to student needs in a timely fashion and increase graduation potential.

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Steve Mottaz
Bruce Tiffee
Sabre Stacey
Sarah Fay Phillips

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Gradient Closed

Status Update

8/24/2015: As no issues have been reported since the full Begin Your Research roll-out in late July, we have drafted the close out and lessons learned reports. The after action review meeting has been scheduled for early September and this project is now closed.

7/29/2015: Following the approval of our change request, the full solution for the Begin Your Research tutorial, which includes the pre- and post-tests, has been moved to the Drupal production site. Students now have a one-stop shop experience and the site owner has an easy, secure means to extract the student scores for reporting to faculty. The site was demonstrated to the Help Desk staff to prepare for any potential questions. Communications to campus will go out before the start of the fall term. We will monitor the site in production and proceed with closing out this project.


6/24/2015: All final changes have been completed and the customer is comfortable with their testing results. Service profile and change control request documentation are in process to request approval to move the pre- and post-tests into production in the Drupal Begin Your Research quiz module. Because of programmer travel commitments, the move to production has been rescheduled to 7/23/15.

5/26/15: The programmer has completed the student assessment for the pre- and post-tests; results from testing look good. The final assessment summary for faculty is pending but requires minimal scripting and does not affect the student solution. A change request will be submitted for approval to move the student solution into production as soon as the customer is comfortable with the testing process and results.

4/28/15: Our programmer is working on the assessment logic so that testing can begin in May; the testing will encompass the full user experience, providinga successful test cycle will enable us to do a soft roll-out in ear for feedback on the end-to-end solution, including the assessment logic. A successful test cycle will enable us to do a soft roll-out in early June for summer classes.

3/25/15: The initial Drupal solution has been built and tested. Minor changes have been requested, but this will not affect development of the in-progrress diagnostic reporting functions. These functions will direct the student to review the relevant chapters of the Begin Your Research tutorial based on the answers and score from the first five pre-test or "knowledge survey" questions. The solution will also place a note on the student’s report page for the faculty assigning the tutorial, advising that the student needs to focus on or retake specific tutorial chapters based on their scores.

2/23/15: Initial design review by the programmer analyst has confirmed that Drupal can be the one-stop shop for both the pre- and post-tests and the Begin Your Research tutorial. The customer has also completed the rewrite of the free-form questions in the pre-  and post-tests, so they can be added to the Drupal quiz module for testing. The team will reconvene in early March to work out final tasks and establish a new completion date for the project.  

1/21/15: The programmer analyst has completed the change that enables students to directly access a page that displays their individual scores from each tutorial quiz taken, and library staff have been informed. A meeting has been scheduled with core team members to finalize timelines for the tasks required to finish the move of pre- and post-tests from Moodle into Drupal and complete the custom reports. Once this is complete, a new end date for the project will be set. 

12/9/14: Because of other operational priorities for the programmer, progress on the Drupal solution has been delayed. When work recommences, first up will be the development of a way for students who complete the tutorial to be able to log back in at any time to see their quiz scores in addition to viewing them at the end of each quiz. The addition of this reporting feature will make it easier for students to engage with their faculty.

10/28/2014: The data models have been reviewed and an all-Drupal solution has been selected. The customer has advised that they will need to re-write the free-form questions that currently form part of the pre- and post-tests in Moodle before development in Drupal can begin. Once built, this solution will reduce the manual efforts currently required both of the customer in grading the free-form questions and of the instructional designer staff in copying the pre- and post-tests in Moodle for requesting faculty each term. The solution will also function as a "one-stop shop" for students because everything will be in a single location and standardized format.

9/22/2014:  As a result of discussions between technical and instructional design staff on handling pre- and post-tutorial test data in Moodle, two potential solution data models have been created: one would take the tests out of Moodle and into Drupal, while the other would require pulling the Begin Your Research tutorial into Moodle along with the tests. Constraints associated with both solutions are included in the data models, which will be reviewed by the team before the end of the month.

8/21/2014: Small changes were made to the first prioritized report to enable it to be presented at the Institute for Student Success: a csv file download link to Excel was added for the highest quiz scores, along with a date stamp in the download file, and for the presentation to faculty, student names were removed from the report. Technical and instructional designer staff will meet after the start of term to discuss the data associated with the pre- and post- tutorial tests in Moodle before beginning the design of the next set of reports. 

7/28/2014: The first prioritized report has been developed for the Library's Begin Your Research tutorial. This report provides a field for the requester to enter an HSU course number (CRN), which produces a list of the associated student names and their seven tutorial quiz scores. The report includes the number of times the student took each quiz and the lowest and highest scores achieved. Due to the confidential nature of the data included in the reports for this project, all work is being done on the secure forms server. 

6/23/14: Information gathering sessions began in mid-May with the project requester and technical staff. The kickoff meeting took place on 5/23/2014, and the initial project task list has been developed. Technical staff began requesting access to Moodle and Drupal databases for the Begin Your Research quiz data and pre/post test data. Design of the report front-end is in progress and the reporting requirements identified by the requester have been prioritized to give technical staff time to work out the security back-end.

5/16/2014: Information gathering sessions with the project requester and technical staff began in mid May, and the kickoff meeting is planned for 5/23/2014. The project plan and task list are in development.

5/8/2014: This project has been approved and the design phase is beginning this month. A target implementation date will be set based on the results of the design phase. 

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