Interdisciplinary Computer Lab Computer Replacement


Replace the computers in the four oldest interdisciplinary computing labs and in the two highest-use library drop-in labs with computers that meet current campus computer recommendations to create a more responsive and reliable learning environment for instructional and drop-in use. More up-to-date computers will enable students and faculty to work more efficiently, increase student enrollment and retention, and reduce repair/maintenance costs.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Academic Computing

Primary Customers

James Goddess
Marvin Sorensen
Jeanne Wielgus & Desktop Support team
Chris Hansen
Faculty who teach in or rely on software installed in these labs

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

9/26/12: The wrap-up meeting has now been held. This project is now closed.

8/29/12: The PCs were all deployed and operating for the first day of classes. A wrap-up meeting remains to be scheduled, after which the project will be closed.

8/1/12: The PCs are all in place with a working Operating system and requested programs installed. Changes to the new operating system have proved challenging during optimization (dismissing registration and first-run screens); final imaging has been delayed while iterations continue. Final images are now projected to be completed by end of day 8/7/12.

6/26/12: The full 168-PC order has arrived from Dell, been inventoried, and registered on the network. Additional BIOS settings to accommodate remote configuration have made to each machine. Software installation and configuration for generalized image prototyping is continuing, which will then be layered with room-specific software. 25 PCs in Gist Hall 215 and 27 PCs in Siemens Hall 119 have been replaced, and hold an interim image for preliminary testing by ITS. Siemens Hall 118 is expected to be replaced by 6/29/12. Room prototypes should be done by 7/21/12, with imaging occurring the week of 7/22/12.

5/21/12: Prototypes have arrived and the base imaging including software installations has begun. The full order has been placed.

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled.

Project Documents
05-01-12 to 08-01-12

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