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HSU's international programs admissions are expected to double over the next few years, in line with HSU's vision of increasing diversity; streamlining our workflow processes for both recruitment and admissions by leveraging the strengths of the Nolij system will enable us to retain current high levels of service and efficiency without increasing staffing. Because Admissions and International offices are in different physical locations, the current manual, hard-copy system is inefficient, leading to delays in processing documents and preparing students for classes.

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Project Documents
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Gary Noar
Bethany Rizzardi
Steve Ladwig
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Brown Cancelled

Status Update

8/03/12: This project has been cancelled as a standalone project and incorporated into the Admissions Workflow Automation project

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled to start 5/15/12. In the interests of efficiency and of better serving students, Scott Hagg has agreed to integrate the existing Admissions Workflow Automation project with the three new Admissions projects - EOP, International and Graduate Admissions. This will delay the existing project a little, but will result in a better overall outcome. Required agreement on common improved processes may take the summer to work through; we hope to be able to use Nolij consultants to help with this project. 

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