Lecturer Transaction Forms Automation


By automating the completion of repetitive information from PeopleSoft, together with support for digital signatures, Lecturer Transaction Forms can be processed and approved more efficiently and the risk of human error avoided.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Academic Personnel Services
CAHSS College Wide
CNRS College Wide
CPS College Wide

Primary Customers
Academic Departments
Academic Personnel Services

Academic Personnel Services
Marisa D'Arpino
College Budget Analysts
Academic Departments

Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

10/10/12:  Ken Ayoob has requested this not be resubmitted in the Fall 2012 cycle due to potential Common HR System changes as well as potential HR configuration changes that would automate the contract processing.  Project request is cancelled. 

5/8/12: Solution definition needed before recommending approval. Academic Personnel Services believes this may be at least partially solved with delivered CMS (PeopleSoft) functionality but more research and analysis is necessary. The ITS Project Office will provide support to APS in their research and analysis of as-is processes and how the problems identified in this proposal would be best resolved. Once a solution is identified, the project will be evaluated for resubmission in a subsequent prioritization cycle or scheduled with available resources.  

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