Log Management Appliance


Every server and service keeps a record of when it was used or changed, but each one does it differently. The Log Management Appliance is essentially a Security Information and Event Management system that monitors and reports on improper activity on any of our critical systems.

Requesting Department
Info Tech Services Dir Office

Primary Customers
Information Technology Services

Mark Hendricks
Alex Hampel

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

01/18/12: The system upgrade was completed on schedule, the appliance has been deployed, and initial reports and alerts have been configured. This project is now complete.

12/12/11: The project has been delayed, as the vendor was not ready to perform the system upgrades required to enable the necessary alerts and reports within our originally-scheduled time frame. System upgrades began on 12/6/11 and the process should be completed by 12/16/11. Once the upgrade process is complete, we will move ahead with enabling alerts and reports.

10/28/11: Project documentation has been completed and will be reviewed with Anna Kircher, CIO, for sign-off and project closure.

10/11/11: Final documentation is being completed.

08/24/11: Final configurations and documentation are being worked on, and the project is almost complete.

Project Documents
05-25-10 to 09-30-11

Project Documents

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