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Upgrading Moodle to the latest version will improve asynchronous communication between faculty, staff, and students and better support the learning process; faculty efficiency will also be increased through better tools. HSU will be better positioned to collaborate with other CSU Moodle campuses, as the current version is now out of alignment with other CSU installations and has reached the end of its natural life.

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Status Update

4/5/2013: The change procedures were reviewed by the Enterprise Change Control Group. A few minor edits were recommended and have been made. The documents will require updating in the future to match future changes to software and the environment; but they are complete as of today and the project can be closed.

3/19/2013:  The only outstanding task now is having the change procedures approved by the Enterprise Change Control Group.

3/13/2013: Two project review meetings were held, one with the Moodle team and the sysadmins, and the other with the Course Creators and Director of Academic Technology. The programmer has updated the documentation and change procedures (this will be an ongoing process).

2/26/2013: There are 1,079 courses in Moodle for Spring 2013, with 978 actively being used. We initially had an issue with slow responseviness in the software; this was alleviated by adding more RAM and applying code optimizations. Project evaluation meetings, one with the team and one with the Director of Academic Technology and his team, have been scheduled.

1/29/2013: As of 1/29/2013, over 1000 courses have been moved into production, with 825 being actively used. The server/database has been performing fine since the first day of classes; Moodle support calls have been related to "how-to" rather than performance. We're continuing to offer training sessions to overcome these issues, and the quick guides and video training is functioning well. Most of the work still to be done before project closure covers server/service and change control documentation and project evaluation. 

12/20/2012: The system is now on its permanent hardware. 400 courses have been set up, and notices have been sent out through various channels, including the College Deans' offices, reminding faculty to submit course copy and creation requests ASAP. We are expecting another 800 requests before the start of the 2013 Spring semester. 

11/27/2012: Course copies and development of classes on the production service started on 11/12/12. Issues have been minor and repairable by the Moodle team.

11/4/2012: Testing and development of training materials are proceeding on schedule. The software will be locked and cloned for production on 11/9/12. Course copies and development of classes on the production service will start on 11/12/12.

9/24/2012: We are moving to Moodle 2.3 in January 2013, as are the majority of CSU Moodle campuses. It is more stable and has more requested features than version 2.2. Alex Hwu and his team are aware of the move to 2.3 and the following key dates:  

  • The deadline for feature suggestions is 10/29/12, and development will be locked on 11/9/12. We have already found plug-ins that cause system problems or simple do not work with Moodle, as we will continue our normal practice of not placing any untested applications into the live production environment.
  • 11/12/12 is the first day to begin developing classes on the production service; course copies will also open on this date.

8/29/12: The development instance is beginning to receive comments from engaged faculty. Two of the proposed five templates have been rebuilt and customized with HSU look/colors; the others will be removed in the upcoming build. We are working on updating the roles for course creators, librarians, media supporters, and admins. Code changes will be locked down on 11/9/12 in order to rebuild the final production version using only the working selections; this will enable us to finalize documentation and be able to support the current Moodle for end-of-semester.

8/3/12: The development 2.2 server has been moved to a load-test server to better accommodate faculty getting to know the new environment. Plugin testing continues.

6/26/12: An instance of Moodle 2.2 was installed on a development server on 6/1/12 and has been made available to course developers for initial testing. Faculty participation is expected by 7/1/12, but further site theming has been necessary in the rebuild. The new dev site at is available, and the link redirects to a CAS/Other user login page that is under construction but working. Choosing CAS authenticates with the user's current HSU User Name and Password; the Other Users page applies to Moodle-only admin and developer logins and will also work for extra-University Moodle-only users who are guests in courses. Course creation from LDAP has changed, and a solution to course autocreation is currently being investigated.

5/22/12: An instance of Moodle 2.2 will be installed on a development server by 6/1/12 and made available to course developers and faculty for initial testing.

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled.

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