NCAA Academic Performance Census


Timely submission of an annual academic performance census to the NCAA within 12 weeks of the first day of the Fall academic term is required to support the retention of student athletes. Failure to submit the report on time will result in a large fine and ineligibility to compete in that year's NCAA championships

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Athletics -Xcountry

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Student athletes

Tom Trepiak
Enterprise Data Management team
Bethany Rizzardi
Phil Rouse

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Gradient Closed

Status Update

2/24/2016: The team met to discuss next steps. It was decided that Athletics should submit a new, more narrowly focused project request applying what has been learned. Athletics agreed and further proposed that data sources be directly connected to NCAA Compliance Assist. We are reaching out to other CSU campuses for additional insight, and a call is scheduled with Stanislaus IT staff next week; other campuses will be consulted as needed. As a result of consensus on a new, more focused project request, this project is being closed.

1/26/2016: The team met this week to review findings and discuss next steps towards creating a long-term sustainable process and consistently meet the goal of on-time NCAA reporting. To do this, the expertise regarding this process must align with other campus models that provide campus subject matter experts (SMEs) with access to data that allows them to audit, adjust, prepare, and submit for reporting purposes. The team decided that the Athletics department needs to begin with a detailed data mapping of the process, starting with the NCAA data and submission product and working back to where each data point originates; this will enable them to take ownership and participate in developing a new and improved process.

12/15/2015: Enterprise Data Management staff met with the lead IR programmer to drill down into the data derivations and how they influence reporting. A further meeting is being scheduled to review the findings and determine next steps.

11/16/2015: The project team met with the lead programmer from Institutional Reporting to discuss process and document improvement ideas and gaps in the current process. Process Improvement then met with Tom Trepiak from Athletics to discuss his experience of the process and document his suggestions. Enterprise Data Management staff will meet with the IR lead  programmer to drill down into the data derivations used to produce the report, which will enable the project team to begin determining how best to improve the technical and data gathering processes. 

5/14/2014: NCAA reporting requires six years of student data history, which calls for data to be sourced from our current PeopleSoft student information system as well as our legacy Banner system. The current NCAA reporting process already links the data from PeopleSoft and Banner so, rather than recreating that for the 1.5 years that Banner information will still be needed, the Office of Institutional Research& Planning will continue NCAA reporting as-is. With the Fall 2015 reports, all NCAA reporting data should be solely sourced from PeopleSoft, by which time any necessary changes to the reporting process and responsibilities will be in place.

10/11/2012: Data is not yet available in the new Student Data Warehouse to produce these reports. This request will continue in "proposed" status.

5/8/2012: Project deferred for a short period of time until this report can be recreated in the new Student Data Warehouse as a permanent solution. At that time, ITS will work with the team to re-evaulate whether these reports constitute a project that needs to be run through the prioritization process again or if they can be handled as a work request. 

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11-03-15 to 02-26-16

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