OBI Student


Populate local data warehouse with student data from PeopleSoft HCM so that this information can be accessed using the Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) reporting tool. 

Requesting Department
Info Tech Services Dir Office

Primary Customers
All users of student data for analytics and analysis

Peter Johnson
Holly Aitken
Mike Bradley
Gary Noar
Jeff Stebbins

Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

01/30/12: This project is being combined with the Data Warehouse Report Enhancements project.

12/13/11: Continuing to work with consultants and internal staff to address ongoing issues. Current search to fill vacant position has failed, so other options are being evaluated. We are revewing options for improved ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) systems and at packaged solutions that would help bring in more student data subject areas. It is likely the remainder of this project will be rolled into the Data Warehouse Report Enhancements project currently going through prioritization.

10/24/11:  Consulting agreement has been signed and consultants engaged. We are now reviewing the overall student data map with the consultants. The search to fill the vacant position is ongoing.

9/27/11: Consulting agreement still pending approval and still searching to fill vacancy. Making incremental progress on bringing student data into the warehouse.

8/31/11: We need to fill a vacant position in the Enterprise Data Management group as part of this project and are actively recruiting for this position. In the meantime, a consulting agreement, currently in review, will enable us to get started. 

Project Documents
07-05-11 to 02-10-12

Project Documents

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