Online Faculty Salary Reimbursement for Sponsored Programs


The current process for authorizing and reimbursing faculty time used by the Sponsored Programs Foundation (SPF) involves a total of 12 manual signatures, which results in increased costs and delays for all concerned. With the implementation of an online form using Nolij to allow for electronic signatures, approvals and reimbursements will be processed faster and more efficiently, and budget forecasts for the use of faculty resources in future academic years will be more accurate.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Sponsored Programs Foundation

Primary Customers
College, SPF, and Accounting staff
Department Chairs

Ken Rocha
Phil Rouse
Kacie Flynn
Steve Karp

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

9/24/14: The SPF Office is planning to submit an ITS Project Request during the Fall 2014 Project Prioritization cycle. The current project to review the SPF process has been completed and is now closed.

8/20/14: The SPF Recommendations were formally reviewed with the SPF Director, who sponsored the review of the process. The Project Office Process Improvement staff encouraged and offered support for SPF to submit a project request in the upcoming cycle and communicated the request timeline.

7/30/14: The SPF Process Analysis Session was well-attended, and many recommendations were compiled in the interviews and work sessions with process stakeholders. The executive recommendations summary document is in progress and will be completed on schedule. The ITS Process Improvement staff will meet with the sponsor to review the recommendations and encourage them to prioritize those recommendations they wish to submit in the form of a project request for submission in the next cycle.

6/24/14:  The ITS Process Improvement staff has been meeting with campus stakeholders involved in the SPF Faculty Salary Reimbursement process in order to verify how the process currently works as well as gathering suggestions for improvement. Focus is on two key SPF forms: the Institutional Routing and Authorization form, and the SPF Request for Release Time. 

We will now organize a formal work session with a cross-section of stakeholders to collectively verify the process, document areas that require improvement, and prioritize recommendations to HSU Leadership. The work session is planned for 7/10/14, and recommendations will be finalized and presented at the end of July.

5/8/2014: The Vice Presidents have asked that the entire grant and authorization business process be evaluated prior to implementing the specific technology improvement requested. The business process review will begin in July 2014, and deliverables and their associated dates are dependent on the results of that review. Improvements consequently determined to require a technology solution may need to be resubmitted in a future prioritization cycle.

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