Person of Interest (POI) Data Cleanup


Person of Interest (POI) records in the registry do not have consistent rules, security, or business processes. Inaccurate POI entries result in users not having access to IT services or retaining access to IT services inappropriately after users have left the University. This results in the University paying for more software licenses than necessary, inappropriate communications being sent to users no longer affiliated with the University, and individuals not having access to the IT resources they need to do their jobs.

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Requesting Department
Info Tech Services Dir Office

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All users


Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

10/28/11: This project request has been merged into the Identity Management (IDM) 2.0 project request as the cleanup will be undertaken as part of the Identity Management project. The two requests will be scored as one project request and this separate POI Cleanup project request has been cancelled. 

Project Documents

Project Documents

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