Process Improvement for Campus-wide Event Planning


Currently, different units and departments use different procedures and policies to book, track, cost, coordinate, regulate and otherwise plan and implement both internal and external campus events. By creating a set of universally applicable policies and procedures, the University will benefit from greater efficiencies, reduced risks, and increased revenues.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Info Tech Services Dir Office

Primary Customers
Anyone booking or managing events on campus

Josh Smith
Risk / Safety
University Center
Extended Education

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

3/25/15: The final discussion with the working group was completed and the report delivered to the project sponsors on time. The results will be disseminated to stakeholders over the next couple of months. Two additional projects have been identified as immediate next steps:

  1. Development of menus for dining, recreation and lodging options for conference attendees
  2. Event/conference planning software requirements and investigation

New project profiles will be published to track tasks associated with these two projects.

2/25/15: The working group recommendations were submitted to sponsorship on 2/24/15. A meeting to share thoughts and next steps will be scheduled for late February/early March.

1/28/15: The working group has assembled a set of potential recommendations. A meeting with the project stakeholders has been scheduled for 1/30/15 to determine the next steps.

12/12/14: The working group, comprising representatives from Housing, UC, Administrative Affairs, Athletics, Facilities, and Extended Education, is currently meeting to discuss recommendations for the improvement of events and conference services. The group is engaging with other CSU campuses to better understand best practices for event planning.

10/28/14: Following executive cabinet approval to move forward, the team has developed a working group roster, with the first worksession scheduled for 11/4/2014. Recommendations for plans to develop a more centralized event and conference center process are due 2/15/2015.

9/23/14: The executive cabinet discussed this project on 9/23/14 and has requested that the group move forward. Sponsorship will convene in early October to determine next steps and provide general direction to the team. The next stage of work is expected to begin in mid to late October.

8/27/14: The final report from United Conference Solutions arrived and has been reviewed by the group. A high-level outline of areas to address first was proposed and discussed. Sponsorship will bring the proposal and business case to the executive cabinet for input and agreement on resources. Based on that discussion, a more formalized plan and team will be formed; it is anticipated that next steps will be discussed in mid to late September. 

7/29/14: The final requested changes are due to United Conference Solutions on 7/18/14, and the report is now expected to be ready in August. We are meeting on 8/11/14 with sponsorship to discuss takeaways from the report and review potential project plans.

6/23/14: In January 2014. HSU issued an RFP to explore and identify opportunities to expand the University's conference operations. As a result, we engaged with United Conference Solutions, who visited the campus in May, 2014. Following that visit, as well as other work undertaken around this initiative, the team will issue a report in July outlining those opportunities, along with recommendations as to how best to support the expansion. We have also met with key sponsors regarding deliverables and timing, and expect to begin formal working group sessions in August.

5/8/2014: This initiative has been approved and scheduled to begin in June 2014, with an expected completion date in August 2014.

Project Documents
06-01-14 to 02-28-15

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