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The current Maintenance Management System (MMS) has been in place for 28 years and has not been updated since 1998. HSU is the last remaining user of the system in the world, and support is extremely limited. By adopting a new solution, Facilities Management will be able to move to a more efficient web-based environment for work requests, work order processing, purchasing, inventory control, chargebacks, key control, and fleet maintenance, as well as enable both staff and customers to monitor and track work requests.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Facilities Management

Primary Customers
Facilities Management staff
Campus customers of Facilities Management

Ken Rocha
Sky McKinley
Chris Hansen
Tim Kohberger
Dan Jones
Jeanne Wielgus
Cade Webb
Josh Callahan
Cortney Koors
Josh Smith
Melinda Haynes Swank
Traci Ferdolage
Anthony Baker
Facility Support Services
Facilities Planning & Design
Building Maintenance
Auto Shop & Energy Management
Construction Management
Custodial & Logistics Services
Grounds & Landscape
Sustainability Office
Bethany Rizzardi

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

3/24/16:  All ITS-required tasks for the AiM implementation have been completed. A final review and the publication of the AiM service profile and service catalog page are scheduled for completion by 4/8/2016. The lessons learned have been completed and this project is now closed.  

2/23/2016: AiM went live as scheduled. The SysAdmins are working with CKIS consulting to correct problems with the Request Form and Search Forms, which are erroneously pointing to the AiM Test (not Production) environment. At the next project meeting on 3/14/2016, we'll check in on project closure activities.  

1/27/2016: The new Request Form has been installed on the locally hosted server; SysAdmins are awaiting instructions from CKIS consulting to resolve a problem with the page redirecting users to the CAS logout page rather than the login page. The form is scheduled to go live Thursday 1/28/16. Communications have been in process in Facilities for the last few weeks. iPads are being upgraded to the new iOS to allow them to be managed remotely. Support instructions have been defined and communicated to both the Help Desk and Desktop Support. Wireless 'trouble spots' are being monitored between TNS and Facilities Management. The next key go-live to migrate all other processes to AiM is on schedule for 2/17/2016.

12/14/2015: Testing and training is underway; there is still a dependency for defining the training and support expected from ITS Desktop and Help Desk staff. ITS will review the CKIS-developed Web Request and Customer Lookup Forms once CKIS has completed the changes requested by Facilities Management. Josh Callahan is working through a list of reported wireless "trouble spots" with TNS. The next check-in has been rescheduled for 12/16/2015, when we will also get a progress report on iPad updates to iOS9. The project is still on track for a mid-February go-live. 

11/17/2015: Facilities is still on track for mid-February go-live. Testing and training begins mid-November which will help define the training required and support expected from ITS Desktop and Help Desk staff, as opposed to the support provided by Facilities. Josh confirmed that CAS authentication will be used to access the Web Request and Customer Lookup forms, anticipated to be delivered by CKIS for preview in late November. Anthony is working with Desktop Support to upgrade the iPads to OS9, improving the user experience. Anthony and Liz are compiling a master list of all locations where wireless access to the AiM desktop is required and identify where improvements or alternative access is needed. The next check-in is scheduled for 12/14/2015. 

10/14/2015: Facilities has revised their go-live date to mid-February. As of 9/15/2015, training plans have been developed and 85% of training should be complete by year-end, with some already underway. CKIS is on track to deliver the web services request form; Anthony will connect Tyler from CKIS with Josh C to work out authentication details. Mobile devices have been deployed and will be managed through JAMF, with the exception of a few devices not purchased through the bookstore which may not be able to be managed in the same way. Facilities, Accounts Receivable, and Ken Rocha met to identify improvements in the way Facilities submits data to A/R for processing; these can now be put into effect as well as incorporated into the CKIS custom extracts that will be part of the AiM solution. Next check-in is scheduled for 10/22/2015. 

8/25/2015: The team met on 8/24 with Anthony & Liz from Facilities, who reported that most dataloads are complete, including the ISES space data which, blended with MMS+ data, provides an initial list of assets for maintenance tracking. Ken Rocha will begin working with Facilities and Accounts Receivable on the design and process for uploading AiM extracts for billing. User Support Services continues  bi-weekly meetings with Anthony on iPad, iDesk, and other setup issues for the new hardware staff will use. Josh Callahan will suggest security parameters to Anthony for user account maintenance within AiM, which will be limited to select Facilities staff. Josh reported that the server for hosting the new facilities service request form has been completed and Anthony shared a nearly-final draft of the form, which he will run by key users for feedback. Liz will work with CKIS to gather information on the preferred authentication method for the form, which will help identify who on the SysAdmin team in ITS she should work with for that setup. Melinda shared the ITS Project Communications matrix to assist Facilities in planning their communications. Training plans are under discussion between Facilities and CKIS, which will include sessions for managers and users on the tool, the new iPad hardware, and working with the new warehouse database. The next meeting is scheduled for 9/14 and will include an update on progress toward an October go-live. 

7/27/2015: Data loads are moving forward, and Facilities is testing the generation of functional work orders. Accounts are loaded; work continues with the Accounting Department to resolve some conficts between AiM and revenue reporting requirements. Jeanne Wielgus, Chris Hansen, and Anthony met to resolve some questions with the deployment of iPads so that Facilities can begin testing the AiM iDesk application. Regular monthly status meetings between Facilities & ITS have been scheduled beginning 8/17/15. The project continues on schedule. 

6/24/2015: The final piece of data (work codes) for Phase 1 is being converted from MMS+ to AiM today. Phase 2 data loads are in process, but depend on loading detailed asset information for preventative maintenance; Facilities expects to leverage upcoming data analysis from an ISES building audit for this data load. Facilities has deferred integration with PeopleSoft Finance to a later phase. CKIS has designed the web request form development, pending receipt of HSU cascading style sheets; plans are to access the form from the Facilities website, authenticated via LDAP until single sign-on is supported by the vendor. Anthony is researching whether the form will be hosted at HSU or in Fresno and will be connecting with Desktop Support to resolve questions around iPads accessing the AiM mobile application. The project continues on time.   

5/28/2015: Anthony Baker reports the project is progressing; phase one and two data loads, originally scheduled for April and June, have merged as a result of logical progression, but are going well.  Business process reviews are taking longer than anticipated but the data loads are becoming easier, leveraging other campus implementations, which is expected to balance out the schedule somewhat. The project continues on time.

4/28/2015: The MOU with Fresno State and the CKIS consulting agreement contracts have now been finalized. Project team responsibilities break out as follows:

  • CKIS will act as project manager, working directly with Anthony Baker as project champion. Anthony will involve focus group members (see below) in his weekly worksessions with Traci Ferdolage as needed. 
  • A focus group of key business process and configuration team members from Facilities Management has been identified and will have weekly status meetings with CKIS.
  • The Project Team comprises the foregoing plus other Facilities Management and ITS staff for their identified areas of involvement: PeopleSoft: Ken Rocha; Mobile Devices/Management: Chris Hansen, Tim Kohberger; Support: Tim Kohberger, Dan Jones, Ken Rocha, Sky McKinley; Wireless: Josh Callahan; ITS Managers: only as needed. The Project Team will meet as needed, probably once or twice a month. 

Two days of worksessions the week of 4/20/2015 enabled the Focus Group to become familiar with AiM navigation and functionality; initial configuration is in progress. The kick-off meeting involving the entire Project Team is being rescheduled, as are a couple of module review sessions for the Focus Group. Facilities Management has received all iPads that will be used in the field and expects to distribute these by 5/1/2015, providing an opportunity for new users to familiarize themselves with the devices and determine the level of training required ahead of learning AiM.

Timelines have been updated based on the project schedule agreed with Facilities Management and CKIS for an October 5th go-live. The project end date is an estimate based on expected settling in and wrap-up activities.  

3/24/2015: Facilities has received the proposed Statement of Work and Project Schedule from CKIS and is gathering feedback from ITS Managers concerning the scope as well as expected ITS resource requirements for this project. The MOU with Fresno is in final review. Conversations and planning need to continue; Facilities is interested in an April start in order to work within current CKIS commitments. Timelines will be revised once the schedule has been determined.   

2/25/2015: Facilities has received the final business process analysis from CKIS and is currently evaluating the scope of the installation phases and related costs. Traci is working with Fresno and HSU Contracts & Procurement to craft a final MOU for Fresno's review. ITS Management has requested a meeting with Traci and Anthony to better understand the project phases, timelines, and where ITS resources will be needed. Timelines will be revised once the schedule has been determined.  

1/28/2015: Traci Ferdolage has selected the AssetWorks AiM tool, with services and license provided by CSU Fresno and consulting/project management services from CKIS Consulting. CKIS has completed the business process and fit/gap analysis for implementation of the tool at HSU. The draft report is in review with Facilities Management, and is expected to be final by early February; it will include priorities for implementation and process changes. The final version of this document will be: used by CKIS to prepare a cost/requirements document for HSU's completion, which will be required for developing the implementation proposal and phased implementation timeline; shared with ITS Management, who will meet with Facilities in February to begin identifying where, when and how ITS technical resources may be needed for solution implementation; and as a reference for the modules to be provided as part of our agreement with Fresno. A draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fresno is in process between ITS, Facilities, and Contracts & Procurement; timelines will be revised once the schedule has been determined. 

12/12/2014: Investigation continues into a CO-supported solution for the Maintenance Management System, which would leverage an agreement currently held by Fresno with AssetWorks. Discussions are underway with a consulting company familiar with CSU AssetWorks installations; business process and fit/gap sessions scheduled for January will help shape potential business changes and best use of the AssetWorks tool. Should final decisions result in an agreement with Fresno, this consulting company would likely be re-engaged to help coordinate product implementation. Timelines will be revised once the final direction and schedule have been determined.  

10/29/2014: Process review worksession results have been approved and current business processes and solution requirements are being documented. While it appears the CO will not be immediately publishing a system-wide RFP, VP Joyce Lopes and Traci Ferdolage are researching recent developments from the CO that may offer solutions for (1) Facilities Conditioning, (2) Deferred Maintenance and Prioritization and (3) a Maintenance Management System that would include Work Order/Inventory management. In the meantime, requirements will continue to be documented, regardless of whether they will be incorporated into a published RFP or used to measure CO-offered solutions viability for HSU; timelines will be revised once a direction has been determined.

9/23/2014: The results of the process review work sessions are in Facilities' hands for review and feedback. Traci is working with the CO to determine the timeline and next steps for the system-wide RFP, which will help inform our next steps. The timelines identified for this project remain estimates only and the status active; however, this project may be placed on hold until information from system-wide activities and other efforts indicate otherwise.  

8/26/2014: Process review work sessions are expected to continue for a few more weeks. Traci has learned of a possible upcoming RFP issue by the CO; this is expected to result in multiple Master Enabling Agreements (MEA), which will offer campuses a choice of Facilities Maintenance & Management Systems. Traci is in touch with the CO for HSU's possible involvement in the development and work on this RFP, which may eliminate the need for HSU to issue their own RFP; any solicitation, either system-wide or campus-level, will benefit from the process review and business needs work the Facilities teams have already done. Project timelines remain estimates only and will be updated as appropriate. 

7/15/2014: As part of the project planning and RFP development, the Facilities Management team is participating in process review worksessions, the first of which was held on 7/11/14. These meetings will continue in order to ensure input from all members of the management team, as well as from additional administrative areas. In parallel, Traci Ferdolage is conducting additional product research which will be considered in the RFP development and distribution process.  Project timelines remain estimates only and will be updated as the product implementation begins.

6/20/2014: We are preparing the Request for Proposal (RFP) and planning business process review worksessions with the various teams that will be involved. We hope to release the RFP in mid-July, with  the goal of making the final product selection and issuing the contract by October 2014; the project would start shortly thereafter. Project timelines remain estimates only and will be updated as the product implementation begins. 

5/8/2014: This project has been approved and will begin with a process review, scheduled to run from July through September 2014. Depending on the solution selected, implementation is targeted to take place between October 2014 and June 2015.

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