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Implement the S4 database created by the Chancellor's Office to more effectively manage Service Learning and potentially academic internship programmatic and risk management data to address audit findings.

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03/12/2014: This semester's pilot testing has been largely successful. We have identified one browser compatability issue, which has been passed along to the systemwide S4 team for resolution. A service profile has been created for S4 and this project is  now closed as it is transitioning to operations.

02/25/2014: The first of four pilot classes has completed sign-up; the majority of students were able to register successfully. The remaining three pilot classes will take place during the first two weeks of March.

01/27/2014:  We are continuing with the expanded pilot this semester and making some changes to the compliance forms so that they can be used by under-18 students.

12/03/2013: Initial pilot classes have been signed up through S4, which brought to light some issues with the workflow within the system; the HSU team is working through these issues with the CSU team.

10/23/2013: We are waiting on faculty availability to walk students in pilot classes through the process of logging in and submitting their forms. Once this stage has been completed, we will move the system into maintenance mode.

09/23/2013:  Service Learning and Academic Internships are now populated and the live pilot semester is proceeding as planned.

08/30/13: S4 at HSU is now set up, with all service learning classes populated. This semester will be a live pilot with both paper forms and online forms.   

07/29/2013: The CSU S4 project has moved to a different cloud provider, as has the HSU site. The CAS single sign-on is now configured for the hosted development environment, along with the automated feed of courses and users from PeopleSoft.

6/24/13: Weekly calls with CSUMB/CO staff have now begun. We are in the process of automating the data feed from PeopleSoft to the hosted S4 environment and getting CAS authentication working.

5/29/13:  The local team is working through the steps to provision the S4 production site with the CSU team. Weekly meetings will begin 6/5/13 and run through the summer.

4/22/13: After a presentation to academic leadership on 4/17/13, the project team is moving forward with plans for a larger pilot in the Fall of 2013. 

3/25/13: HSU is continuing with a very limited pilot through the spring semester. The HSU S4 team will be presenting the product to academic leadership in mid-April for a decision on whether the campus will participate in the systemwide hosted environment.

2/25/13: The training session went well. The HSU S4 team is working on a very limited pilot in the CSU hosted environment for this semester to verify that all necessary functionality is in place. Once the pilot has been completed successfully and we have secured funding to participate in the systemwide hosted environment during the 13/14 Academic Year, the team will finish updating the implementation plan and begin moving forward towards production

1/28/13:  The Chancellor's Office will be hosting this system for CSU campuses. CSUMB staff will be here to conduct training on 2/8/13, after which the HSU team will regroup and update the implementation plan.

10/30/12: One additional planning session will take place this week to lay out the steps needed after the CO and CSUMB release a full version of S4 that addresses the liability form tracking requirement. The project will then go back on hold until that release is available.

09/24/12: This project is being reactivated. Consultation with Service Learning and Risk Management has revealed a need to track liability forms, functionality which is not provided by the S4 Project. We are considering a version of the Field Trip modification to fill this need.

06/26/12:  We are waiting for details of the Fall 2012 pilot project.

05/22/12: It has been confirmed that HSU will start participating in a pilot deployment in the fall of 2012.

04/24/12: Working with campus team and CSU group to determine timeline for deployment.

03/27/12: Still waiting for updated documentation. The HSU development site has been updated to the current code from CSUMB.

02/28/12: CSU Monterey Bay reports significant changes to their Drupal code in support of other CSU campuses. A new release with new documentation is expected soon, with a major release for fall targeted for late April, early May.

01/30/12: Continuing to work with CSU community to get connectivity working. Also obtaining release timelines for updates to the Drupal site from CSU Monterey Bay to ensure that HSU is releasing the most recent version.

12/13/11: The demo site has been built and we are working with CSU authors to get the data connectivity to PeopleSoft working.

10/28/11: This project is already active and has therefore been "grandfathered" into the project prioritization process and exempted from scoring.   

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