SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Infrastructure Support


Upgrade SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint 2010. This would benefit the 48 SharePoint sites currently active on campus, as well as provide for future increased SharePoint usage.

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Human Resources

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Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

10/18/13: This request has been cancelled. If there is future interest in such an initiative, a request can be submitted at that time.

12/5/12:  Project was not recommended for scheduling at this time. This proposal could benefit from further analysis to help determine the best steps forward:

  1. Analyze the volume and categories of SharePoint usage and how issues with those may be individually resolved. For example, how many search committees use SharePoint, and might issues there be ultimately resolved by the Common HR System? How many SharePoint sites would be better served by a Nolij automated workflow, such as the ICC project approved in Spring 2012?
  2. Prepare a document analyzing the circumstances in which SharePoint is an appropriate solution, as opposed to Nolij or other existing solutions.
  3. Work with ITS to determine if immediate needs could be met with additional digital storage space.
  4. If the campus need for continued SharePoint availability is determined to be strong, work with ITS to engage the Chancellor’s Office in discussions for hosting SharePoint, a service they already extend to other campuses.

Depending on the outcome of this research, the project proposer may wish to resubmit this proposal in the next round of project prioritizations, which will be announced in February 2013.

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