Student Conduct Database System


Develop a system to track and report on student conduct incidents, preserving information integrity and improving the timeliness of reporting and resolution. The project will aim to incorporate the use of a single database for both the Dean of Students' and Housing's conduct processes.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Student Affairs-VP Office

Primary Customers
Student Affairs
Counseling and Psychological Services
Office of the Registrar
Financial Aid
Bias Response
Threat Assessment Team

Melinda Haynes Swank
Ken Thrift
Randi Darnall Burke
Tomas Aguirre
Karen Pelzel
John Capaccio
Patty O'Rourke-Andrews
Mark Hendricks
Jeremy Davis
Kate Stroup

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

11/27/12: The issues of expanding the data exported from PeopleSoft to Maxient have been successfully resolved. Revision of the ARF process is ongoing but does not prevent closure of the project.   

10/19/12: The public reporting form is in place, and the transfer of holds information between Maxient and PeopleSoft is in production. A few open issues remain regarding adding to the data being exported from PeopleSoft as well as an open task to update the Access Request Form (ARF) these tasks are expected to be completed by the end of November 2012. 

9/25/12: As requested by Randi Darnall-Burke, the project closure date has been moved out to 10/5/12. By this time, the public reporting form will be in place, as well as the automatic transfer of holds information between Maxient and PeopleSoft. 

8/22/12: The Maxient "Student Care & Conduct" system went live on 8/10/12 and all users are pleased with the results. The release date for the public reporting page is under review by the Dean of Students. Updates to a few pieces of documentation for technical specifications and access request form are in process. 

7/17/12:  Maxient will be onsite 7/20/12 to conduct training on the HSU Student Conduct system, complete with student data from PeopleSoft for use in training and testing. Test scripts have been developed by the project teams and Tomas is beginning work on the Communications Plan. The project is on schedule. 

6/25/12: The vendor has accepted the start-up packet and delivery, and on-site training is scheduled for 7/20/12. The project team has set an internal go-live date of 8/6/12 for users in Housing and the Office of Student Affairs and a public go-live date of 8/20/12 for incident reporting. The project team is reviewing documentation requirements and security setups. The ITS team is working on development of data exchange between Maxient, PeopleSoft HCM, and StarRez.  The project is back on schedule.   

5/21/12: The start-up packet was delivered to the vendor on schedule, but requires corrections before it can be accepted and the project scheduled; the team expects to deliver the corrected packet by 5/25/12. The project is considered "behind schedule" until the vendor has the corrected packet. 

4/23/12: Contracts have been signed and the start-up packet - the documentation needed by the vendor to configure the system and schedule on-site training - is expected to be completed by 5/11/12. The project team has set a target of mid-July for internal use and public reporting of incidents by mid-August; we expect to confirm this schedule shortly.

3/26/12: Maxient has been selected as the vendor and contracts are currently in review with Procurement. Housing will transition from their current incident response system to the new system along with Student Conduct. Project task lists are being developed, evaluations are in progress to determine whether the entire implementation can be completed by 4/30/12 or if more time is needed. ITS can still complete the data extraction ahead of the implementation; Maxient will support either approach. 

2/24/12: Requirements list has been compiled and distributed to the 3 potential vendors. Product demonstrations have been made to representatives from Student Conduct, Housing and ITS. Vendor responses on functionality, costs and technical specifics will now be compiled and reviewed with the project team and a solution recommended to the VP Student Affairs. 

12/21/11: Project approved and scheduled. Schedule includes ITS consultation prior to product selection, plus estimated 8-week implementation period.

Project Documents
01-25-12 to 11-30-12

Project Documents

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