Systems Network Architecture to Internet Protocol


Chancellor's Office project to move all campuses from a location-specific connection to a centranlized connection through the State Controller's Office.

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Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

06/24/13: The After Action Review has been completed and this project is now closed.

05/28/13:  After Action Review to be scheduled.

04/18/13:  Users have experienced connectivity issues that were caused by the State. Leased equipment that is no longer being used will be picked up by the vendor, and the After Action Review is being scheduled.

03/22/13: All users have been able to connect successfully and can run their processes. Printer set-up and testing continues until 3/31/13 (Payroll Lead signed off); extended testing was required because the old green-line printers needed to be configured with new drivers.  

02/25/13: CO Step 1 documents were completed later than expected, which led us to move the project out one month. There is concern that any further delays in completing paperwork or receiving printer parts or emulation software licenses will jeopardize our ability to verifiy connectivity and printing in time for the March payroll cycle.

01/28/13:  One of the two CO Step 1 documents was completed last week. Both Step 1 documents are required in order to initiate the next CO Steps. Reviews will take place during the first week of February to determine which emulation software will be used (the current software does not meet CO requirements) and whether to purchase the leased printers or purchase new ones. This stage may need to run through mid-March in order to run parallel processes for one Payroll cycle if the February cycle is missed.

12/10/12:  This project is mandated by the Chancellor's Office. The CO held a project kick-off meeting on 12/6/12, at which time we were given an estimate of the ITS technical resources and time requirements and project schedule.  HSU's project kick-off meeting is scheduled for 12/17/12. Because of the accelerated timeline, this project must be completed before the next ITS Project Prioritization cycle and will bypass the prioritization process. 

Project Documents
12-06-12 to 04-11-13

Project Documents

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