TNS - Forbes D Remodel


Facilities Design is coordinating a series of upgrades and remodeling projects to the West and East gyms over the course of the  2011-2012 academic year. 

Requesting Department
Facilities Design

Primary Customers

Rick Garcia
David Budde

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

08/22/12: Cabling work has been completed, concluding this phase of the project.

08/06/12: Work is in progress on the initial phase of construction. TNS staff are installing new cables and reusing existing cables wherever possible.

05/22/12:  A planning meeting has been held to review the summer construction schedule.

04/24/12: Still waiting for work orders to be created.

03/27/12: Waiting for work to be scheduled. Plans have been reviewed with Facilities Design; specific work orders still need to be created.

02/28/12: Per Facilities Planning and Design, the West Gym, 1st Floor & Gymnasium have UC funding approved, the design is nearing completion, and work is expected to start soon.

12/20/11: West Gym Room 201: Plant Ops installing physical improvements. Working with UC on equipment layout and selection. Will coordinate additional utility improvements required for equipment with Plant Ops.

West Gym Refresh: Gym is closed until fall for interior refresh by Plant Ops. TNS will maintain wireless access points.

West Gym 1st Floor Changes: Phase One conceptual floor plan has been approved and design documents are in development. Construction is scheduled for spring/summer.


Project Documents
10-03-11 to 08-27-12

Project Documents

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