TNS - Non-ITRP Building Upgrades


HSU is matching system-wide CSU networking standards by using local funds to upgrade our twelve non-permanent, state-owned and operated houses with the same equipment as CSU provided for the permanent state-owned and operated buildings.

Requesting Department
Telecommunications Services

Primary Customers

Corey Holderman
Scott Ventuleth

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

02/09/2012: Project complete.

01/30/12: The last building to be upgraded, the University Center, is tentatively scheduled for 2/9/12.

12/20/11:  Upgrades for the Ceramics Lab, Sculpture Lab and Jolly Giant Commons have been completed. Feuerwerker House is scheduled for 12/22/11.

12/2/11:  Upgrades for Wagner House, Little Apartments, Brero House, and Hagopian House have been completed.  Ceramics Lab is scheduled for 12/8/11.

10/24/11: Upgrades for Telonicher, Balbanis, and Hadley Houses have been completed. Bret Harte House is scheduled for October 27, 2011.

09/27/11: Telonicher House upgrade is scheduled for September 29, 2011. Thereafter, houses will be upgraded at the approximate rate of one per week.

09/07/11: Upgrades have been completed for three of twelve buildings.

Project Documents
07-05-11 to 02-17-12

Project Documents

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