TNS - Packet Shaper Upgrade


The Packet Shaper upgrade involves replacing aging Packet Shapers with current, supported hardware.

Requesting Department
Telecommunications Services

Primary Customers

Rick Garcia

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

06/26/12:  The shaping rules are in place and the project is moving to ongoing operational status.

05/22/12: A meeting was held to identify traffic to off-campus enterprise systems. Rules based on this traffic classification are being built and will go into effect in June 2012.

04/26/12: Meeting scheduled for 5/9/12 to define the rules for prioritizing off-campus business application traffic.

03/27/12: Basic configuration was tested and applied over Spring Break. A follow-up meeting has been scheduled to look at prioritization of specific application traffic.

01/30/12: The next window to apply and test the configuration will be over Spring Break.

09/27/11:  Pending test over Thanksgiving Break

09/09/11: Required hardware was purchased at end of the 2010/11 fiscal year and placed in-line over the summer. Active configuration will be tested over the Thanksgiving break.

Project Documents
05-02-11 to 06-04-12

Project Documents

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