TNS - Resnet Wireless Refresh Phase 2


Continue refresh of wireless network in remaining Residence Hall buildings. More than 160 additional Aruba Networks Access Points will be deployed inside Redwood, Sunset, Alder, Cedar, Chinquapin, Hemlock, Maple, Madrone, Pepperwood, Tan Oak, Fern, Juniper, Laurel, Willow, and Cypress Halls, bringing wireless coverage and capacity to CSU and campus 802.11n standards. This project is funded jointly by Housing and Information Technology Services.

Requesting Department
HSG Housing Wide

Primary Customers
HSU Residence Hall Users

Drew Meyer - Project Lead
Sierra Ventuleth - Project Lead
Gary German
Tim Freeman
Camelia Armstrong
John Capaccio - Project Sponsor
Dan Bouchard
Steve Brands
Steven Gubanez
Joe Kieny
Robert Morris
John Read
Fred Miller
Timothy Griggs
Dennis Rose

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

06/29/12: Project has been completed.

06/22/12: All Access Points have been deployed. Once the CreekView complex has been optimized, the project team will finalize all documentation and the project will be marked as closed.

06/18/12: All Access Points have been placed inside the remaining Residence Halls in the Canyon. At this time, we are deploying Access Points inside CreekView facilities and expect to finish in that complex soon. The entire project will wrap up by 6/29/12.

06/04/12: All Access Points have been placed inside Redwood Hall, Sunset Hall, Tan Oak Hall, Pepperwood Hall, and Maple Hall. Additional pathways continue to be installed in the CreekView complex.

05/17/12: Project is now active again. Redwood Hall has nearly all Access Points placed, and additional pathways continue to be installed in the CreekView complex. Expected completion date is now 8/7/12.

05/01/12: No further work can be accomplished until Residence Halls have been vacated for the summer. All possible work has been done by Housing Maintenance in prepping infrastructure pathways. The project will return to active status on 5/14/12.

04/17/12: AP placement in Cypress Hall is now complete. Housing Maintenance continues to install additional pathways.

03/19/12: Over Spring Break, technicians made significant progress in Cypress Hall; all but nine APs have been put into service in the Cypress complex. Cypress floors 3,4,5,6 and 7 are complete. Housing Maintenance continues to install additional pathways.

03/08/12: Residents were notified of our intent to enter on 3/6/12. Additional APs have been placed in Cypress Hall. Cypress Hall will be completed by 3/16/12. One of four buildings in Creekview has been prepped for jack installation. Housing Maintenance continues to install additional pathways.

02/29/12: PoE switches have been installed and configured as necessary in all but two buildings. Housing residents will be notified of the installation of additional APs in the next week. AP deployment in Cypress Hall will begin in the next 3-4 weeks. Housing Maintenance continues to work on pathways in the Creekview complex.

02/02/12: All APs have been received and processed. Housing Maintenance is working on physical pathways and network technicians are installing PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches that will be used for the expansion as needed. The first building to receive additional APs will be Cypress Hall.

11/29/11: Planning stages complete. Procurement is in process with vendors for equipment needs.Once Access Points (APs) are on hand, a few select units will be installed in locations where housing residents will not be impacted. Physical pathway work will begin in December.

9/14/11: Project is in revision planning stage. Target dates selected and funding secured by sponsors. Physical implementation will start May 16 2012, with total project completion by August 7 2012.

9/12/11: Project dates will be adjusted once funding decisions are made and schedule is set.

Project Documents
09-14-11 to 08-07-12

Project Documents

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